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Board of students 

Fagutvalget (FU) er et frivillig studentutvalg som jobber for alle studenter ved Institutt for administrasjon og organisasjonsvitenskap. Fagutvalget skal, sammen med Masterutvalget (MU), være et av bindeleddene mellom studentene og instituttet. FU skal fremme studentenes interesser og krav overfor instituttet, dets administrative organ og stab, samt overfor andre studentorganer. Fagutvalget har en representant i Undervisningsutvalget (UU) og i Instituttrådet (IR). Dette er viktig for at studentene skal bli hørt i saker som angår dem.

Alle adm.org.-studenter kan bli med i Fagutvalget. Hvert semester skal Fagutvalget konstitueres, her skal alle verv velges på nytt (med unntak av leder og økonomiansvarlig som velges for et år av gangen, henholdsvis ved start av høst- og vårsemester). 


Leader: Tiri Røed Lohne

Deputy leader: Mira Elena Seilen

Secretary: Henrik Sanne Hjortland  

Representative in the teaching committee / department council: Knut Camillo Tornes 

Representative of the student committee: Tiri Røed Lohne

Finance manager: Ole Anders Amundsen Rognø 

Coursereponsible: Eirik Pederson Furuberg

Responsible for social events: Rakel Bøe

Communications manager: Kirsti Wiloch

Study trip Responsible: Elias Hansen Gaassand

Socialgroup/Study trip group: Kristi Willoch, Camilla Bjørnstad, Kaspar Kvammen Bjerke, Sara Veronika Flanjak, Isabel Grønlund Tenold, Stine Mikalsen Steinsland, Emilie Amundsen, Adrian Primorac, Stian Hjelle, Kristoffer Bråtveit, Andreas Jansen, Siri Ekros Osland, Lill-Cathrin Hjelme, Robin Seldal Ellefsen, og Maren Othelia Fjeldheim

Course group: Julia Elise Iversen, Oda Therese Nesje, Ole Anders Amundsen, Henrik Hjortland, Cathrine Vuttudal, og Helle Stavnesli

Ordinary members: Andrine Skodvin, Erlen Fauskanger Ekbergn, Isak Lyng Svendsen, og Atle Olderkjær 


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The committee arranges:

  • "Faglunsj"
  • Adm.org-beer
  • Christmas party
  • Graduation party
  • Study trip
  • Lots of other fun


We want your input:


We would like to arrange events if this is desired. We greatly appreciate input from students on issues that we can address in "Fagutvalget", the Teaching Committee or the Department Council. Feel free to get in touch if you have something you want us to address.

Contact us:


Send email to demos@uib.no, have a chat with one of our nice members or write to us on Facebook!


Graduate Students' Committee

The Graduate Students' Committee ("Masterutvalget" - MU) is a voluntarily driven students' committee that works to front the needs of all graduate students affiliated with the Department of Administration and Organization Theory at the University of Bergen. The Graduate Students' Committee shall, in cooperation with the Undergraduate Students' Committee ("Fagutvalget" - FU) function as a link between the students and the department. MU is assigned the responsibility to front the interests of the graduate students towards the administrative organs at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, the staff members at the department, and towards other student bodies at the University of Bergen. One representative of The Graduate Students' Committee (MU) sits in the Committee of Academics ("Undervisningsutvalget") and in the Committee of the Department ("Instituttrådet") at the department. Representation in these bodies is important as it gives the graduate students the chance to have a say in affairs of their concern.     

The Graduate Students' Committee is responsible for allocation of desks in the reading rooms and in the PC labs offered for all graduate students who are enrolled in either of the two graduate programs offered at the department; the English or the Norwegian graduate program. The MU is also responsible for working for an inclusive and positive social environment for all graduate students at the department. In this regard, particular efforts are given to promote greater interaction across the English and Norwegian graduate programs, and across classes within these two programs. 

All graduate students are welcome to join the Graduate Students' Committee (MU). Constitution of the committee takes place at the beginning of each semester. All graduate students at the department, including those without a position in the committee, are welcome as regular members of the committee. Ahead of the constitution of the MU, all positions in the committee are made open.

The Graduate Students' Committee arranges or coordinates the following activities:

  • Outings and other events
  • End-of-term celebrations  
  • Christmas dinner ("Julebord")
  • Social events to promote greater interaction between the English and the Norwegian graduate students enrolled in either of the two graduate programs at the department, and across classes within these programs
  • The Graduate Students' Beer ("Masterpils") held every first Friday in the evening after receiving the monthly paying by "Lånekassen". As The Graduate Students' Beer is first and foremost an initiative to mingle and chat in an informal setting outside classes and reading rooms, it is everyone's choice whether to buy alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages during the event. Join for a soda, a cup of coffee, or a beer!

We want your feedback

As The Graduate Students' Committee (MU) is dedicated to promote the wellbeing of graduate students at the department, we are interested in your views/feedback regarding any

issue of your concern with respect to both academic and social life as a student at the department. Please feel free to contact the MU for any suggestions, recommendations or the like! If you bring up an issue which we see lies outside the scope of MU's responsibilities, we will make sure to take the issue to whichever individual or body who/which may be in the position to deal with the issue.

Feel free to contact us!

Members of MU:

Leader: Emma Holen 

Deputy leader: Jenny Guo Strømsnes

Resonsible for social events: Robin Anzjøn Wisth

Course and research manager: Andreas Totland

Finance manager: Naana Okyerwa Dwamena