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Department Council 

Group A (permanent scientific staff)


  • Jacob Aars
  • Kari Tove Elvebakken
  • Arild Aurvåg Farsund
  • Lise Rakner                             

Deputy members:

  • Ragnhild Muriaas
  • Jenny Krutzinna
  • Svein Michelsen
  • Johannes Sandvik Førde


Group B (temporary scientific staff)


  • Andrea Kronstad Felde, PhD-candidate
  • Audun Løvlie, PhD-candidate      

Deputy members:

  • Barbara Ruiken, PhD-candidate


Group C (administrative staff)


  • Cathrine Bustad Jensen


  • Line Marie Sørsdal
  • Monica Pedersen


Group D (students)


  • Andreas Totland                        
  • Knut Camillo Tornes



Board of studies 


The Education Committee (UU) shall ensure that the education at the department is in line with the nature of universities and administration and organizational science and deals with matters concerning the education's content, form and implementation.

By "uniqueness" is meant that teaching and supervision must be research-based and promote student-responsible learning. The education shall reflect the widths and characteristics of the subject and aim to practice students' academic independence, academic honesty and critical sense.

The Education Committee deals with both principled, administrative and practical issues related to the educational activities: Academic-pedagogical quality development, dissemination and profiling of the department's educational activities, as well as more technical, study administrative matters.

Both employees and students can submit cases to UU through their representatives. The chair of the committee represents the department in the Faculty of Social Sciences' Forum for Education.


  • Simon Neby (Head of teaching)
  • Lise Rakner (Professor)
  • Cathrine Bustad Jensen (Student advisor)
  • Andreas Totland (MA student)
  • Knut Camillo Tornes (BA student)