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The Digital Social Science Core Facility (DIGSSCORE) is an infrastructure for advanced social science data collection and multi-disciplinary research. DIGSSCORE takes advantage of changes in technology and research methodology, to integrate and combine survey studies and laboratory research through the Norwegian Citizen Panel and the Citizen Lab.

Info on data, citing and conditions of use can be found here.


Are you a student at UiB interested in writing your thesis using DIGSSCORE data? Read more here.

Citizen trends
Tillit til norske politikere fra 2017-2023, fordelt på parti

Trends from 10 years of the Norwegian Citizen Panel

In the Norwegian Citizen Panel we have asked questions for 10 years, from random inhabitants of Norway. At our trend pages (in Norwegian), you can find an overview over many opinion trends from the last 10 years. You can explore the questions yourself, or read notes from researchers at DIGSSCORE.
Kvinne peker på noe vi ikke ser. Bak henne ser vi ulike grafer og mennesker på en konferanse.

10 years of measuring trust in politicians and political attitudes in Norway

Having authoritative data created by independent researchers, who have focused solely on quality, and have no commercial interests, will only become more important in the future, says professor and Academic Director of the Norwegian Citizen Panel at UiB, Elisabeth Ivarsflaten.

Picture of two hands, shaking hands

Accepting different gestures of respect

In this interview with Elisabeth Ivarsflaten (in Norwegian), you can read about research on alternative gestures of respect, by March Helbling, Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Richard Traunmüller, and Paul Sniderman. They show that holding your hand by your heart, is accepted as an alternative to shaking...
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The DIGSSCORE facility is used for many research publications. This bibliography includes publications based on data from the DIGSSCORE facility from 2014 onward.
Norwegian citizen panel
Picture of the Citizen Panel at Arendalsuka

Proposals to the Norwegian Citizen Panel

The Norwegian Citizen Panel welcomes proposals from all fields of research, for survey experiments or survey items. Applications can be sent to the "new ideas"-grant.