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The Digital Social Science Core Facility (DIGSSCORE) is an infrastructure for advanced social science data collection and multi-disciplinary research. DIGSSCORE takes advantage of changes in technology and research methodology, to integrate and combine survey studies and labatory research through the Norwegian Citizen Panel and the Citizen Lab.


Join us as associate professor and DIGSSCORE co-director!

Are you a political scientist specializing in political behavior and/or survey/lab methodology? We are looking for an ambitious research leader with the ability to initiate, develop, and lead research initiatives that take advantage of the DIGSSCORE faclities.

Fimreite og Eidheim

Geographical conflict in the political landscape: A tale of two dimensions.

International trends suggest that geography is once again becoming an important factor in electoral dynamics. Phenomena as dissimilar as the election of Trump, Brexit and Gilets jaunes have all been characterized as rebellions of the periphery against the center. In this article, Marta Rekdal...


Best media science article 2020

UIB postdoctors Magnus Hoem Iversen and Erik Knudsen win award for best media science article using data collected through the Norwegian Citizen Panel.


New Sub-Population Panel: The Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators

DIGSSCORE is now running a new panel in a sub-population of importance for the structure of democratic governance.

Norwegian citizen panel
Picture of the Citizen Panel at Arendalsuka

Proposals to the Norwegian Citizen Panel

The Norwegian Citizen Panel includes an "Open Category" where we accept proposals for survey experiments or other survey items to be included. Proposals are welcome from all fields of research.

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DIGSSCORE is funded by several research projects, and in large by the University of Bergen and the Trond Mohn Foundation.

In January 2016, DIGSSCORE received a significant 5 year grant from the Trond Mohn Foundation (than Bergen Research Foundation), making DIGSSCORE the largest initiative for social sciences at a Norwegian university.