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The Digital Social Science Core Facility (DIGSSCORE) is an infrastructure for advanced social science data collection and multi-disciplinary research. DIGSSCORE takes advantage of changes in technology and research methodology, to integrate and combine survey studies and labatory research through the Norwegian Citizen Panel and the Citizen Lab.

Info on data, citing and conditions of use can be found here.

Media coverage
Mann i regn ser bekymret opp mot himmelen

How do Norwegians feel about climate change?

The Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen writes about findings from the Norwegian Citizen Panel regarding how Norwegians feel towards climate change. These findings reveal that sadness is the most common emotion, but in general, we feel little towards climate change.

Citizen note
Picture of Endre Tvinnereim

Increased support to EU membership and NATO's presence in Eastern Europe

In the Norwegian Citizen Panel questions about EU membership and NATO's presence in Eastern Europe, both before and after Russians invasion of Ukraine. In this short "Medborgernotat", "Citizen note", Endre Tvinnereim from the Department of Government at the University of Bergen studies these data,...
Recent Publications
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Public administrators' level of satisfaction in the workplace

The article by Tobias Bach, Jarle Trondal, and Jacob Aars provides a summary of some preliminary findings in the first wave of the Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators.

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The DIGSSCORE facility is used for many research publications. This bibliography includes publications based on data from the DIGSSCORE facility between 2014-2021.
Norwegian citizen panel
Picture of the Citizen Panel at Arendalsuka

Proposals to the Norwegian Citizen Panel

The Norwegian Citizen Panel welcomes proposals from all fields of research, for survey experiments or survey items. Applications can be sent to the "new ideas"-grant.