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The Digital Social Science Core Facility (DIGSSCORE) is an infrastructure for advanced social science data collection and multi-disciplinary research. DIGSSCORE takes advantage of changes in technology and research methodology, to integrate and combine survey studies and labatory research through the Norwegian Citizen Panel and the Citizen lab.

Norwegian citizen panel
Picture of the Citizen Panel at Arendalsuka

Proposals to the Norwegian Citizen Panel

The Norwegian Citizen Panel includes an "Open Category" where we accept proposals for survey experiments or other survey items to be included. Proposals are welcome from all fields of research.

The Citizen lab
Picture from experiment in the Citizen lab

Participation in experiments in the Citizen lab

The participant pool is a main asset for the Citizen Lab, as it is easy for participants to participate and for researchers to find participants. Everyone are welcome to join the participant pool, by registering at our web pages.

Recent publications
Picture of Sveinung Arnesen

Could information about herd immunity help us achieve herd immunity?

A recent article in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, using data from the Norwegian Citizen Panel, suggests that people's decision about whether to vaccinate is influenced by concern for others. Thus, stressing the collective benefits of vaccination could increase the effectiveness of...

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DIGSSCORE is funded by several research projects, and in large by the University of Bergen and Bergen Research Foundation.
In January 2016, DIGSSCORE received a significant 5 years grant from Bergen Research Foundation (Bergen forskningsstiftelse – BFS) and University of Bergen, making DIGSSCORE the largest initiative for social sciences at a Norwegian university.