KODEM: Data and conditions of use

Coordinated Online Panels for Research on Democracy and Governance, is a project that involves coordinated data collection in several sub group panels. Through coordinated data collection, we aim to find information on different groups that are part of the Norwegian society and democracy, and compare these groups. Do groups with different roles in society have different attitudes and opinions?

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In 2020, with KODEM_DEMO, we ran a coordinated survey to the general population, the elected politicians, the central public administrators and Norwegian journalists.

From 2023 we run KODEM light more regularly, with data collection in three panels: The Norwegian Citizen Panel, the Panel of Elected Representatives and the Panel of Public Administrators. The panels get some common coordinated questions and some more panel specific questions twice per year, depending on the interested researchers.


Info on data and conditions of use

Note on ethics and data protection.

Coordinated questions have been asked in several waves of the different panels. 

Data in the Norwegian Citizen Panel is publicly available for use for research and education, through Sikt. For longitudinal data, text data, or other specific needs, contact DIGSSCORE at digsscore@uib.no. Data will be available for you, for research and education purposes, in SAFE, UiB's system for safe storage and data management.

For access to data from the Norwegian Panel of Elected Representatives, Panel of Public Administrators or Panel of Journalists, you also need to write to digsscore@uib.no to apply for access through SAFE, UiB's system for safe storage and data management.



Always include the following or similar, adapted to your panels, when using KODEM data:

“This paper uses data from the Norwegian Citizen Panel wave 19, the Norwegian Panel of Elected Representatives wave 4 and the Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators wave 1 (Ivarsflaten et al., 2023). The data collection was financed by the University of Bergen (UiB). Data collection was coordinated in these three panels. Data collection is managed by UiB, implemented by Ideas2Evidence, and distributed by Sikt and UiB."

Citation of the data:

This is an example citation, from wave 1 of NFP. Read "notes on citation" below, to aid you to cite:

Ivarsflaten, E., Fimreite, A.L., Karlsen, R., Nordø, Å., Bergh, J., Trondal, J. Peters, Y., Knudsen, E., Bach, T. (2021) Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators, wave 1 (November 2020 - April 2021) [Dataset], v101. Coordinated KODEM data collection. Data available from DIGSSCORE, UiB. 

Citation of methodology report:

Check your relevant methodology report, this is for wave 1 of NFP.

Skjervheim, Ø., Eikrem, A., Bjørnebekk, O., Wettergreen, J. (2021). Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators methodology report, wave 1 [Produced by Ideas2Evidence]. 


Notes on the citation:

  • All author names in the codebook should be listed, except the producers
  • (Year) no. 1 is the year from the codebook – use the year from the codebook you have used
    • This will be the year of the latest version of the dataset
  • Version, “v102”, is the version listed in your codebook
  • (Year) no. 2, “November 2013 - January 2014” is the field period
  • Remember to check the year, version, and DOI against the dataset you used (you will find this in your codebook and on Sikt's web pages)
  • If you wish to cite the codebooks, use the same setup as for the dataset, but with [Codebook] rather than [Dataset].