Through KODEM_DEMO, researchers were able to ask the same questions in four different sub-populations at the same time. This has led to completely new and unique knowledge about Norwegian society.


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KODEM_DEMO was a pilot for a new, digital infrastructure for social science and interdisciplinary research. Through coordinated data collection in several sub-population panels, research on democracy and governance in Norway was facilitated. This was a collaboration between the largest research universities (UiO, NTNU and UiB), leading research environments in Norway (ISF, NORCE and UiA), and the Norwegian Center for Research Data (NSD).

The following sub-population panels were included:

The Norwegian Citizen Panel

The Norwegian Citizen Panel (NCP) had its first survey in 2013. In 2015, the Digital Social Science Core Facility (DIGSSCORE) was established, which led to an expansion of NCP. NCP is now a permanent internet panel with more than 10,000 participants randomly drawn from the National Population Register and is the first panel for research purposes in Norway that uses the internet exclusively.

Methodology report. Codebook. Norwegian Kodebok.

Panel of Elected representatives

In 2018, a Panel of Elected Representatives was established where all elected representatives in Norway at all political levels were recruited. Three waves of this panel have now been completed. In the third wave, spring 2020, the panel consisted of 3748 respondents, over 6000 elected representatives have participated in the surveys in total.

Methodology report. Codebook. Norwegian Kodebok.

Panel of Public Administrators

During the fall of 2020, the Panel of Public Administrators was established. Bureaucrats and officials at various levels of government in Norway will be recruited to participate. In the first and second waves, employees in ministries and directorates are recruited. This panel will be able to contribute to knowledge on, for example, ongoing reform processes, such as the municipal structure reform and the regional reform.

Methodology report. Codebook. Norwegian Kodebok.

Panel of Journalists

A Panel of Journalists where all journalists and editors in Norway are invited is also being established. The media has a unique power to set the agenda and inform the population and constitutes an important arena for debate. By following journalists and editors over time, the panel will gather information on how they prioritize, work and perceive key issues. The panel was initiated by researchers at the University of Bergen and is a project that will serve research purposes. This is a collaboration between DIGSSCORE at the University of Bergen and the knowledge and business cluster Media City Bergen.

Methodology report. Codebook. Norwegian Kodebok.