The Norwegian Panel of Elected Representatives

The Panel of Elected Representatives (Norsk representantpanel) is an internet-based study of elected representatives, at all political levels, in Norway. The study deals with matters that are important to society, representation and democracy.

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The Panel of Elected Representatives, Norsk representantpanel, was first fielded in 2018, and has been fielded once or twice per year since then. All elected representatives in Norway are invited to participate, both from the municipalities, counties, Storting and Sameting. Panel members complete an online questionnaire about two times per year, of 15 minutes each.

The panel is initiated and coordinated by researchers from the University of Bergen, while researchers from several institutions are involved in creating questions and doing research based on the panel. NRP is a non-profit project that aims to serve research goals.

In some waves we now field coordinated questions for three panels, so we get information on both politicians, public administrators and the general public. The first coordinated wave, in 2020, also included a panel of journalists.

Data from the Panel of Elected Representatives are available for use in research and education, by application to DIGSSCORE and through SAFE, the secure access to research data and e-infrastructure at the University of Bergen.

Read more about data, field periods, methodology and conditions of use here.