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DIGSSCORE is an infrastructure for three online research survey panels: The Norwegian Citizen Panel, the Norwegian Panel of Elected Representatives and the Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators

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The Norwegian Citizen PanelĀ was established inĀ 2013 and is the longest running and biggest panel at DIGSSCORE. This panel draws participants randomly from the population registry, and regularly recruits more respondents to always have a respondent base above 10 000.

The Panel of Elected Representatives was established in 2018 and aims to recruit all elected politicians in Norway, at both central and local level. There are now about 3000 active respondents.

The Panel of Public Administrators was established in 2020 and recruits participants from the central public administration in Norway, with about 2000 respondents now. This panel will be expanded to local administration.

The Panel of Journalists was part of the pilot study KODEM_DEMO and was fielded in autumn 2020. This panel has so far only had one wave.

Regularly, researchers have the opportunity to field coordinated questions in the three first panels, so they can compare the different sub groups, which all have important roles to play in society and democracy.