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Professors Ragnhild Muriaas and Yvette Peters have published a new article in European journal of Political Research. They use survey experiments for both the Norwegian Citizen Panel and the Panel of Elected Representatives.
Our PhD Candidate, Ingrid Kvåle Faleide, has been interviewed by Energi og Klima about some of her findings related to her thesis. Through the Norwegian Citizen Panel, the Panel of Elected Representatives, and the Panel of Public Administrators, Faleide has studied the respondents' attitudes as well as their perception of others' attitudes on certain topics. One of these topics are meat-free days... Read more
The pilot project KODEM_DEMO utilized the new national infrastructure KODEM for research on Norwegian democracy and governance. The first results have now been published in a special issue of Norsk statsvitenskapelig tidsskrift (The Norwegian Journal for Political Science).
DIGSSCORE is announcing a Postdoctoral research fellow position in Political Science with deadline March 31st.
The Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen writes about findings from the Norwegian Citizen Panel regarding how Norwegians feel towards climate change. These findings reveal that sadness is the most common emotion, but in general, we feel little towards climate change.
In the Norwegian Citizen Panel questions about EU membership and NATO's presence in Eastern Europe, both before and after Russians invasion of Ukraine. In this short "Medborgernotat", "Citizen note", Endre Tvinnereim studies these data, and show the differences before and after the Russian invasion. The note is in Norwegian.
Elisabeth Ivarsflaten and Paul Sniderman were guests in an episode of the Democracy Paradox Podcast in February. In this episode they talked about their research on the inclusion of Muslim minorities, which is largely based on data from the Norwegian Citizen Panel.
We have two new research assistants joining our team this year. Hanna Fylkesnes has a master from the Department of Psychosocial Science and Hans Martin Lundgaard Corneliussen from the Department of Comparative Politics.
The article by Tobias Bach, Jarle Trondal, and Jacob Aars provides a summary of some preliminary findings in the first wave of the Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators.
With responses from the Norwegian Citizen Panel, researchers at the University of Bergen have found that the restrictions on social life and interaction have been the most burdensome.
Wonder what Norwegians think about climate change? In this article, we have gathered some of the communication material produced by the Norwegian Citizen Panel's thematic research unit Climate and environment.
On Monday December 6, Professor Anne Lise Fimreite and Professor Jacob Aars met commentator in Bergens Tidende, Morten Myksvoll, for an academic conversation on forms of governance in Norwegian municipalities.
What can society and global organizations do better to stop right-wing extremist radicalization and terrorist content online?
One master student from psychology and one from geography receive DIGSSCORE’S Citizen Scholarship for 2021. They are both interested in climate change and behavior changes and will receive 25.000 NOK each. Read more about them here!
Fort the first time, data from the Panel of Public Representatives are being published in a scientific journal. The article also builds on data from the Norwegian Citizen Panel. 
Trond Mohn Foundation, who gave DIGSSCORE a significant 5-year grant back in 2016, has written a generous article on our results. Read about our achievements here.
An article in the online newspaper "Energi og Klima" makes use of Citizen Panel data to examine how Norwegians feel about the use of hydrogen as fuel.