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Here you can access every staff member's CRISTIN page to see their publications.

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The list of our staff members' publications is extensive. A full chronological list can be found by clicking on the links to CRISTIN. 

Staff member:Position: Link to CRISTIN page:
Lise Hellebø RykkjaHead of dep.Lise H. Rykkja's CRISTIN page
Fabian HattkeAssociate professorFabian Hattke's CRISTIN page
Dag Runar F. JacobsenAssociate professorDag Runar F. Jacobsen's CRISTIN page
Carlo KoosAssociate professorCarlo Koos' CRISTIN page
Hanne KvilhaugsvikAssociate professorHanne Kvilhaugsvik's CRISTIN page
Regine PaulAssociate professorRegine Paul's CRISTIN page
Corentin PoyetAssociate professorCorentin Poyet's CRISTIN page
Kristin RubecksenAssociate professorKristin Rubecksen's CRISTIN page
Endre Meyer TvinnereimAssociate professorEndre M. Tvinnereim's CRISTIN page
Martina VukasovicAssociate professorMartina Vukasovic's CRISTIN page
Kjetil BørhaugProfessorKjetil Børhaug's CRISTIN page
Kari Tove ElvebakkenProfessorKari T. Elvebakken's CRISTIN page
Arild Aurvåg FarsundProfessorArild A. Farsund's CRISTIN page
Anne Lise FimreiteProfessorAnne Lise Fimreite's CRISTIN page
Siri GloppenProfessorSiri Gloppen's CRISTIN page
Elisabeth IvarsflatenProfessorElisabeth Ivarsflaten's CRISTIN page
Ishtiaq JamilProfessorIshtiaq Jamil's CRISTIN page
Svein MichelsenProfessorSvein Michelsen's CRISTIN page
Zuzana MurdochProfessorZuzana Murdoch's CRISTIN page
Ragnhild Louise MuriaasProfessorRagnhild L. Muriaas' CRISTIN page
Simon NebyProfessorSimon Neby's CRISTIN page
Lise RaknerProfessorLise Rakner's CRISTIN page
Marit SkivenesProfessorMarit Skivenes' CRISTIN page
Jacob AarsProfessorJacob Aars' CRISTIN page
Mona LangøAssistant professorMona Langø's CRISTIN page
Michael Oduro AsantePhD candidateMichael O. Asante's CRISTIN page
Johannes Sandvik FørdePhD candidateJohannes S. Førde's CRISTIN page
Soran Hajo DahlPhD candidateSoran H. Dahl's CRISTIN page
Marta Rekdal EidheimPhD candidateMarta R. Eidheim's CRISTIN page
Ingrid Kvåle FaleidePhD candidateIngrid K. Faleide's CRISTIN page
Andrea Kronstad FeldePhD candidateAndrea K. Felde's CRISTIN page
Agnete HessevikPhD candidateAgnete Hessevik's CRISTIN page
Frøydis Petersen JensenPhD candidateFrøydis P. Jensen's CRISTIN page
Mathea LoenPhD candidateMathea Loen's CRISTIN page
Chris Hagen MagnussenPhD candidateChris H. Magnussen's CRISTIN page
Barbara Victoria RuikenPhD candidateBarbara V. Ruiken's CRISTIN page
Audun Gabriel LøvlieResearcherAudun G. Løvlie's CRISTIN page
Lise Lund BjånesøyPostdoctoral fellowLise L. Bjånesøy's CRISTIN page
Hege Beate Stein HellandPostdoctoral fellowHege B. S. Helland's CRISTIN page
Sofia JonssonPostdoctoral fellowSofia Jonsson's CRISTIN page
Torill StavenesPostdoctoral fellowTorill Stavenes' CRISTIN page
Martin Stangborli TimePostdoctoral fellowMartin S. Time's CRISTIN page
Torodd StrandEmeritusTorodd Strand's CRISTIN page
Ivar BleiklieEmeritusIvar Bleiklie's CRISTIN page
Harald SætrenEmeritusHarald Sætren's CRISTIN page
Lars Blichner EmeritusLars Blichner's CRISTIN page
Per LægreidEmeritusPer Lægreid's CRISTIN page
Tor HalvorsenEmeritusTor Halvorsen's CRISTIN page
Thor Øivind JensenEmeritusThor Øivind Jensen's CRISTIN page
Audun OfferdalEmeritusAudun Offerdal's CRISTIN page
Jan FroestadEmeritusJan Froestad's CRISTIN page 
Thorvald GranEmeritusThorvald Gran's CRISTIN page
Alf-Inge JansenEmeritusAlf-Inge Jansen's CRISTIN page
Sveinung ArnesenAdjunct professor/researcherSveinung Arnesen's CRISTIN page
Asgeir Falch-EriksenAdjunct professor/researcherAsgeir Falch-Eriksen's CRISTIN page
Jill Duerr BerrickAdjunct professor/researcherJill D. Berrick's CRISTIN page
Stefan DahlbergAdjunct professor/researcherStefan Dahlberg's CRISTIN page
Julia FleischerAdjunct professor/researcherJulia Fleischer's CRISTIN page
Katrin Teresa M. KrizAdjunct professor/researcherKatrin T. M. Kriz' CRISTIN page
Elaine SutherlandAdjunct professor/researcherElaine Sutherland's CRISTIN page
Annelies BlomAdjunct professor/researcherAnnelies Blom's CRISTIN page
Dag Arne ChristensenAdjunct professor/researcherDag A. Christensen's CRISTIN page
Jostein AskimAdjunct professor/researcherJostein Askim's CRISTIN page