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Carlo Koos from the Department of Government is one of the authors of this new article published in American Political Science Review.
New article in the prestigious Journal of Social Policy: PhD candidate Mathea Loen and Professor Marit Skivenes finds that a majority of populations in Czechia, England, Finland, Norway, Poland, and Romania express confidence in their child protection system.
On March 20th Professor Marit Skivenes presented NOU 2023: 7 on legal protection in child welfare services.
This handbook, edited by Jill Duerr Berrick, Neil Gilbert and Marit Skivenes, is the largest to date overview of child protection systems across the world. The book describes and analyzes the ways in which 50 countries from every continent, except Antarctica, have developed measures for the protection of children in need of protection against maltreatment prescribed in the UNCRC.
This autumn we offer a new and redesigned English master’s programme in Politics and Governance of Global Challenges
At Centre for climate and energy transformation (CET) we are looking for a full time research assistant for one year. Deadline March 5th!
The Department of Government is organizing a PhD course from June 15th to June 21st 2023.
Why have most African countries not achieved greater political liberalization? What explains the lack of progress toward the ideals of liberal democracy across the region?
DIGSSCORE is announcing a Postdoctoral research fellow position in Political Science with deadline March 31st.
We mark European Social Survey’s (ESS) 20th anniversary by holding a seminar at Hotel Norge, Wednesday 25 January, from 0930 to 1700. Department of Government has been national coordinator for the ESS since 2019, and wishes to invite all interested parties to participate at the seminar. Everyone are also invited to a competition on making the best ESS data visualization.
Exciting academic positions at the Department of Government
The redesigned Master’s programme in Politics and Governance of Global Challenges explores the complex multi-level governance of global, and often wicked, problems in the contemporary world such as inequality, climate change, migration, or pandemics.
The Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen writes about findings from the Norwegian Citizen Panel regarding how Norwegians feel towards climate change. These findings reveal that sadness is the most common emotion, but in general, we feel little towards climate change.
In a new article, Carlo Koos together with Alexander De Juan, Miquel Pellicer and Eva Wegner show that foreign aid-funded state building projects can improve people’s access to basic services but fail to improve citizens’ attitudes towards the state.
Regine Paul proposes new research agenda to tackle techno-solutionist hypes in public policy
Is there a difference between Public Administration and Public Management as academic fields? In his newly published Chapter in Elgar Encyclopedia of Public Management, Per Lægreid claims there are no significant differences between the two.
In this recently published article in the Journal of Social Work, PhD fellow Ida B. Juhasz (DIPA, UiB) examines how parents in child protection proceedings argue their case, defending their right to care for their newborn baby.