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Postdoctoral Fellow Juliana Tappe Ortiz and Associate Professor Corentin Poyet participated to the "6th international week" of the Catholic University of Lille.
Head of the course Lise Rykkja and Jill Loga welcomed the first cohort of leaders from the ministries and affiliated units to Bergen and to the political science course on wicked problems, collaboration, and coordination in the public sector.
The Department of Government has the pleasure to present the annual March / Olsen Honorary Lecture, featuring Professor Kerstin Sahlin as our distinguished speaker with a lecture on "The Institutional Ambiguity of Universities".
The article Value Conflicts Revisited: Muslims, Gender Equality, and Gestures of Respect published in British Journal of Political Science, is based on the study of the inclusion of Muslims in liberal democracies in the presence of value conflict.
As part of the Breaking Bad Understanding Backlash to Democracy in Africa, Lise Rakner with Marja Hinfelaar , Sishuwa Sishuwa and Nic van de Walle (2023) published the following article in a special issue of Journal of Eastern African Studies focusing on Zambia's most recent elections.
Lise Rakner, with Odd Helge Fjeldstad (CMI) have published a book chapter in a recent new publication from Oxford University Press.