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Experienced-Based Master in Public Administration

First Session in Bergen for the new Executive Master in Public Administration

Head of the course Lise Rykkja and Jill Loga welcomed the first cohort of leaders from the ministries and affiliated units to Bergen and to the political science course on wicked problems, collaboration, and coordination in the public sector.

Departementsakademiet / Anders Timo Christensen

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February 12th-13th marked the introduction of the course Executive 681: Wicked Problems, Collaboration and Coordination in the Public Sector.  The course is a part of the new Experienced-Based Master's program in Public Administration.

This first gathering took place in Bergen, and the Department of Government welcomed 35 leaders from the ministries and affiliated units, as well as four invited speakers from Departementsfelleskapet- the Ministry community. The event commenced with a digital welcome by Minister Karianne Oldernes Tung from the Ministry of Digitalization and Public Governance.

The first session was held at UIB's recently relocated locations at Nygårdsgaten 5, where a series of lectures and presentations were given by the Department's academic staff. Presentations on Departementsfelleskapets own work with wicked issues were also presented. An inspirational lecture, including a workshop, was delieverd by Ina B. Eskildsen- who leads a pilot project on holistic management of wicked problems in Aarhus municipality in Denmark.