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The world is characterized by turbulence, crises and unruly problems, oftentimes increasing a ‘fear factor’ in citizens. At the same time, threats and crises have always been upon us in one form or another. This makes crisis management and societal security important for political leaders as well as public administration.
The book "Managing Universities", edited by professor Ivar Bleiklie, has been nominated for a research prize for significant research on international higher education.
Incentive systems for health services can be problematic, a study of health systems in Bangladesh shows.
Speech-acting and the outcomes of narrative struggles – on hard and social facts -generate organisations
Research in Public Administration has shifted towards internationalization
Professor Marit Skivenes has received 10 million Norwegian kroner from the Research Council of Norway for her research on child care. The new grant is part of her new research centre, which will bring together world-class researchers in the field of law, child protection and children's rights.
Sait Matty Jaw, who completed his master’s degree this year, held the Student Graduation Speech for an assembly of academic and administrative staff in the University Hall. He currently works as an administrative officer at the University of Gambia, and engages in social activism focusing on human rights and gender equality. Below is a transcript of his speech.
Four new positions have been announced at the department, with application deadlines at August 29.
A new article by Tom Christensen, Per Lægreid, Lise H Rykkja examines the police reform that culminated with a proposal for new police structure in 2015.
En ny artikkel av Tom Christensen, Per Lægreid, Lise H Rykkja tar for seg politireformen som i 2015 kulminerte med forslag om ny struktur i politiet.
Marit Skivenes and June Thoburn (East Anglia University, UK) has recently published their article “Citizens' views in four jurisdictions on placement policies for maltreated children” in the journal “Child and Family Social Work”
Marit Skivenes og June Thoburn (East Anglia University, UK) har nylig publisert artikkelen deres «Citizens' views in four jurisdictions on placement policies for maltreated children” I tidsskriftet «Child and Family Social Work”.
The international research project TROPICO has received support from the EU's programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020. The project is coordinated by the University of Bergen.
Orest Masue has alongside with Professsor Steinar Askvik published a new article in : "International Journal of Public administration". The article investigates if school committees are a source of empowerment using insights from Tanzania.
Baniamin and Jamil show that citizens' trust in anti-corruption agencies varies between three South Asian countries
Abstracts wanted for the EGPA Conference