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Call for papers for GOVCAP-conference

The world is characterized by turbulence, crises and unruly problems, oftentimes increasing a ‘fear factor’ in citizens. At the same time, threats and crises have always been upon us in one form or another. This makes crisis management and societal security important for political leaders as well as public administration.

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The department is arranging, in cooperation with Uni Research Rokkan Centre, the “GOVCAP”-conference on the 20-21st of September 2018.  The title of the conference is “Organizing for societal security and crisis management. Building governance capacity and legitimacy”, and is a part of the International Public Management Network (IPMN).

Submitted abstracts should focus on how governments organize for societal security and crisis management, addressing governance capacity and governance legitimacy. Abstracts can be descriptive or explanatory, should have a clear conceptual and theoretical basis, and meet advanced methodological standards for research. Comparative abstracts – across countries, types of crises or crisis phases – are particularly welcome, as are abstracts that address the relationship between capacity and legitimacy in crisis management. Examples from both high and low income countries are welcome, including from fragile and conflict affected states that may be living in nearly a constant state of crisis.

Acstracts should be submitted to Professor Per Lægreid (per.lagreid@uib.no) by February 15. Authors of accepted abstracts will be notified by February 28.