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A key object for our research group is the dissemination of our research to the public. On a regular basis, our members express their views and perspectives in relevant media and press, and contribute to a public debate on subjects relevant to our research.

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Esmeralda Colombo on the climate change lawsuit in The New York Times and Swedish TV4.

Assistant Professor at the University of Bergen, Esmeralda Colombo, recently made a statement in The New York Times and on the Swedish TV channel TV4 on the climate change lawsuit between the State of Norway and Norwegian environmental organisations.

The crux of the case would be how much discretion the courts would allow the government, said Esmeralda Colombo, a fellow at the Center on Climate and Energy Transformation at the University of Bergen. In general, Norway’s Supreme Court has leaned in favor of environmental protection, she said, adding that claimants won a small victory in the last ruling when judges ordered the government to share in paying the costs of the case.

Ignacio Herrera on the regulation of offshore wind energy in Dagens Perspektiv.

Herrera provided his views on the regulation of offshore wind energy in Dagens Perspektiv, in an article on the regulation of offshore wind energy in the Norwegian economic zone. 

Vindkraftverk som kobles til en oljeinstallasjon kommer aldri til å selge strøm til kunder. Derfor gir det liten mening å snakke om overskudd og skatt. Det kan anses som en innsatsfaktor som bidrar til å gjøre produksjonen av olje litt renere.

Catalina Vallejo Piedrahíta with a blog entry for Open Global Rights.

Vallejo has written a blog entry for Open Global Rights, a non-governmental organisation which provides a forum for human rights voices with the purpose of creating a more just and sustainable world.

With climate litigation, seemingly minor interventions in the legal realm can have a butterfly effect and generate major social and cultural transformations.

Ignacio Herrera interviewed for the news site Energi og Klima.

Ignacio Herrera was in April 2020 interviewed by the online newspaper Energi og Klima on offshore wind and the regulatory framework missing for Norway to assert itself on the area of offshore energy. 

The EU has given clear signals that they will focus on offshore wind. Norway should not fall behind. 

Berte-Elen Konow og Ignacio Herrera i E24.

Berte-Elen Konow and Ignacio Herrera have both given statements on offshore wind in E24. Find the articles here and here.