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Assistant Professor at the University of Bergen, Esmeralda Colombo, recently made a statement in The New York Times and on the Swedish TV channel TV4 on the climate change lawsuit between the State of Norway and Norwegian environmental organisations.
The book «Forbrytelser i utvalg – Straffelovens regler om voldsforbrytelser, seksualforbrytelser, formuesforbrytelser og narkotikaforbrytelser» is a new addition to the criminal justice literature.
Førsteamanuensis Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui is invited to moderate MEDREG's workshop "Role and Scope of Energy Regulation".
The launch at the University Aula concluded with two large panels representing the diversity of scientific milieus tackling global challenges in Bergen. Together they will work to make Bergen the place of choice for students seeking knowledge and skills to help solve global challenges.