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I. Herrera Anchustegui to moderate workshop for energy regulators

Førsteamanuensis Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui is invited to moderate MEDREG's workshop "Role and Scope of Energy Regulation".

Ignacio Herrera
http://www.medreg-regulators.org / Photo: André Kvalvågnes, Copyright: Dragefjellet Centre of Learning and Communication

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Associate Professor Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui has been invited as the main moderator to the 3-day long workshop for energy regulators on “Role and Scope of Energy Regulation” organized by the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG) between 1-3 December 2020. 

MEDREG is a platform co-funded by the European Union that gathers energy regulators from 22 countries around the Mediterranean basin. It aims to foster the integration of the policy regimes in the region as well as endeavours to promote cooperation in crucial areas such as infrastructure, consumer protection and interconnection. MEDREG's main focus is the improvement of transparency and competition in electricity and natural gas markets of the Mediterranean region, encouraging its members to scale up RES share in the energy mix.

The planned workshop will concentrate on the role and scope of energy regulation, by discussing the principles of competition policies as well as their core powers and competences of national regulators. To that end, the course will present the fundamentals of energy economics both in the gas and electricity markets and relate them to the different duties and tools of regulators.

Apart from moderating the event, Professor Herrera Anchustegui will also present the theory and principles of regulation, providing bases for further discussion on competition policy.