Faculty of Law

PhD Course for Tax Scholars

Solstrand became a hub for tax law discourse when the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen, in collaboration with the Norwegian School of Economics and the Norwegian Tax Authorities, hosted a two-day seminar for 20 European PhD students specializing in tax law.

Photo of Professor John Vella presenting at the seminar.
Professor John Vella from the University of Oxford presenting reflections on the role of economics in tax law research.
Vilde Lind Norvik, UiB

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Lectures and Guidance from Tax Law Scholars

The seminar featured presentations and feedback sessions by tax law scholars from various prestigious European universities. Among the speakers were Professor John Vella from the University of Oxford, Professor Eleonor Kristofferson from Örebro University, Professor Anne van de Vijver from the University of Antwerp, Professor Frederik Zimmer from the University of Oslo, and Professor Peter Koerver Schmidt from the Copenhagen Business School. The lectures covered topics ranging from research methodology to interdisciplinary intersections within tax law.

During the seminar, the students also had the opportunity to receive feedback from Associate Professor Elin Sarai from the Norwegian School of Economics and Henrik Skar from the University of Bergen, in addition to the mentioned speakers. Skar and the speakers also participated in a closing panel debate, addressing various issues related to writing tax law dissertations.

Emphasis on Interaction

The seminar further encouraged active participation in group discussions, focusing on the PhD students’ research projects. Prior to the event, students had shared sections of their dissertations, which they also presented during dedicated sessions. Here, students and professors collaborated to analyze, critique, and enhance the research projects. The PhD seminar thus served as a platform for the exchange of ideas, inspiration, and networking opportunities.

The seminar was followed by the tax conference "Tax Law – Contemporary Issues," where several of the professors and associate professors delivered lectures to around 100 participants from academia, law firms, and government agencies.