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Conclusion of PhD training: Disputation and defence

Guidelines and practical information for PhD candidates and members of the evaluation committee.

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From submission to the defence

Format of the thesis

Information about format, font, font size etc. can be found in Avhandlingsportalen under the heading "About the thesis template." Here you can also download templates.


Information about submission and the public defense can be found in the document about completion of the degree and the public defence.

NB Please note that new regulations from 2022 states that all dissertations must include summaries in both English and Norwegian. 


When ready to submit your thesis, you must upload it to Avhandlingsportalen. When you receive an order confirmation from the Skipnes, please forward this email to karoline.aksnes@uib.no

Apply for evaluation 
You also need to apply for evaluation of your thesis. The application can be something like this: 

"Application for evaluation for the degree PhD.
I hereby submit my thesis entitled "-", and I ask that the thesis is evaluated for the degree PhD. 
Yours sincerely ---"

Send signed and dated application to karoline.aksnes@uib.no, along with a pdf of your thesis.

After submission

The evaluation will normally be ready six weeks before tentative date for defense. 

Topic for trial lecture
Will be sent to you by e-mail on the morning ten work days before trial lecture. 

Press release
Please submit your press release through Avhandlingsportalen at the latest 2 weeks before the date of the trial lecture.

After your thesis is approved for defense by the evaluation committee and the Faculty Board, you have to order printed copies in Avhandlingsportalen. When you have sent the order, you will receive a confirmation from Skipnes, including an order number. Forward this email to karoline.aksnes@uib.no.

The faculty offers a short booklet containing important information for the candidates preparing their defence, and members of the evaluation committee. In the booklet you can read about the traditions and conventions at the faculty, as well as practical information and a typical schedule for the period from the thesis is submitted until the day of the defence. 

The level of doctoral degrees in Law

Guidelines for the Faculties of Law at the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo. Download guidelines (pdf).

Regulations for the philosophiae doctor (PhD) degree at the University of Bergen

These regulations govern all PhD degrees at the University of Bergen. You can find them here. 

Local regulations for the PhD programme in Law