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Admission to the PhD-programme at the Faculty of Law

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Do you have a Master's Degree and want to immerse yourself in a topic that inspires and intrigues you? If the answer to that question is yes, the PhD programme at the Faculty of Law may be just right for you! As a PhD candidate at our faculty you will be part of an internationally recognized research environment. We are, among the Nordic countries, one of the leading research institutions in the field of Criminal Law and Police Law. The Faculty also have the foremost expertise in the fields of International Human Rights, Climate-, Energy- and Environmental Law, EU and EEC Law, Legal History, Welfare State Law, Tort Law, Property Law, Administration Law, International Private Law, Legal Theory and Philosophy of Law. Our research centre BECCLE is also one of the world's leading in the field of Competition- and Market Law. 

Doctoral education at the Faculty of Law

As a PhD candidate you must carry out an independent research project which will result in a scientific dissertation. You will also have to complete a training component which consists of courses in legal theory, handling of sources, methodological perspectives in legal science, text quality, research dissemination among other things. Some courses are mandatory, while other courses can be chosen based on relevance to the PhD candidate's own project. The training component includes a total of 30 credits, which corresponds one semester of full-time study.  

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At the Faculty of Law, most PhD candidates are employed as research fellows ("stipendiater") for a period of 3 or 4 years. Vacant positions are advertised here. See more information on what you should include in your application here

Some PhD candidates receive funding from other educational institutions, scholarships from the Research Council of Norway, private parties or other external funding sources. The funding must cover both living costs and the costs relating to the research project for the entire research period.  

Admission to the PhD programme at the Faculty of Law

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If you apply for the PhD programme, information on how to apply is to be found in the job advertisement. 

Applicants with exernal funding must apply for admission to the PhD programme. The application form must be sent to the The Faculty of Law, (P.O. Box 7806, 5020 Bergen, Norway, or post@jurfa.uib.no). Required attachments are listed on the form's last page. Please note that applicants with education from outside Norway must enclose certified translation into English or Scandinavian if the original diploma is in another language. Foreign education must also be recognised by NOKUT (link). 

Your application will be assessed by the PhD programme secretariat, and admission will depend on your merits as a student, your work experience, publications and project description.