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Prospective PhD candidates

Do you have a master's degree or a medical, dentist or other health profession degree at master level? Are you interested in working on a health related research topic? Maybe you should consider doing a PhD!

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Why apply to our PhD programme?

The PhD programme at the Faculty of Medicine offers high quality research training through research and a PhD degree will qualify you for research and other kinds of work requiring a high level of scientific insight within medical and health related research.

The PhD education must be funded. This means that you either receive a salary as a research fellow or through other employment during the agreement period. As a PhD candidate, you will work with other engaged candidates and researchers, and you will have the opportunity to travel and establish new professional networks. A PhD education is a good start to your career, in or outside academia.


How to apply for admission to the PhD programme 

Application form is available under Forms

There are two ways to obtain funding for a PhD project. The first option is to apply for a university PhD research fellow position. Our vacancies are announced via JobbNorge

The second option is to obtain external funding, either as a research fellow or another type of position which allows PhD training with a private or public employer. Please note that the funding must both cover your living costs and the costs related to the research project for the entire doctoral training period.