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The Medical Student Research Programme at The Faculty of Medicine

The Medical Student Research Programme is a special offer to a group of medical and dental students (up to 10 %) who have a special interest in medical and dental research and are willing to do research in parallel with their studies.

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Eivind Senneset

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The students in the Medical Student Research Programme follow an ordinary medical or dental study. In addition to their studies, his special offer will give the students an organised reseach training and the opportunity to perform their own research, with writing an article, which could be the beginning of a Ph.d.-degree.

The students are admitted to the Research Programme the second year after they start their studies. Their normal study period will be extended by one year, respectively 6 years for dental students and 7 years for medical students.The Medical Student Research Programme is based on one year of full-time research and two years of part-time research. The total amount of work represents 2 years but will often be more extensive.

Completed Medical Student Research Programme will give 120 ECTS.

The research training is such an extent that by completing the program, the students have fulfilled the requirements for research training on a PhD-level. If the students wish to go ahead with a PhD, the training component has already been approved.