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Healthy Economy

In the years to come, there will be a tighter financial times for the entire university and college sector in Norway. To stay ahead of this development, the Faculty of Medicine has initiated a project called "Healthy Economy’" ("Sunn økonomi" in Norwegian).

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The project aims to examine the overall expenses and revenues. What measures can we implement to increase income and reduce costs? The goal is to achieve a healthy economy that provides some level of predictability and budget balance for academic communities.

The project will provide guidelines on the priorities the faculty should set to ensure quality in research and education. It also involves assessing how we work and utilize our resources effectively. 

If you have a good idea or suggestion for the working group, please send it to this email address: sunnokonomi@uib.no.

Your idea will be received by Head of Department Christian Vedeler, who leads the working group, and Senior Advisor Beathe Bjørneberg from the faculty’s Financial Services Section.