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NorDoc PhD Conference and Summer School in Bergen 2022

On 17-18 June 2022, the University of Bergen will host the NorDoc PhD Conference, entitled Sustainability in Health.

NorDoc PhD Conference
Sustainability in Health
Sustainability in Health

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The NorDoc PhD Summit brings together PhD students from the Nordic countries for two days of scientific discussions and networking. In 2022 we invite you to join us in Bergen, Norway. Candidates are encouraged to present posters of their work at the conference. 

Click here for the intermission video. 

Intervju med viserektor for forskning og internasjonale relasjoner, professor Benedicte Carlsen

Sustainability in Health

The climate crisis has led to global societal challenges that impact health. However, when resources are sparse, how can health care and medical science be sustainable to reduce waste and excessive use of resources, while promoting network building and interdisciplinary collaboration, concepts that are needed in the Nordic countries that support the most expensive healthcare systems in the world? What evidence exists that sustainability strategies work in producing lean, efficient healthcare and excellence in medical science?

Health research institutions, through PhD education, are pivotal in producing innovative basic and translational research on health questions that can be rapidly implemented through biotechnologies and artificial intelligence to develop and produce our own personalized medicines. Employing big data-based genome research validated in population registers and biobanks requires efficient data risk management and ethical considerations. This Summit is needed to engage young, next generation scientists to commit their research and innovative ideas to fulfilling the goals of the 2030 sustainable development agenda.

Career Development

The conference includes a hands-on career development workshop on the theme Green guidance and identifying your strengths and resources to be developed specifically for future career. This workshop will empower candidates to work on identifying the personal resources, skills and qualities they must systematically develop to be attractive employees for future careers both within and outside academia. PhD candidates are the next generation stakeholders and green guidance may raise their awareness and competence to make the sustainable choices that enhance their role in society.

Summer School

In the weeks before the summit, the UiB organises the Bergen Summer Research School, a PhD Summer School which seeks to address some of the most pressing global challenges of our time through a series of discipline-specific courses exploring different aspects of global challenges. The Summer School is online, but we strongly suggest that participants at the NorDoc Summit also consider joining this highly relevant Summer School. Separate application and deadlines apply, please see below.