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It is our ambition to provide the best possible information and counseling services for our students.

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Linn Solvang Aarvik

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We can help you with:

  • General information about the study programmes at the Faculty
  • Information on university rules and regulations
  • Information on admission, registration and applications
  • User support for StudentWeb and Mitt UiB
  • Booking of appointments with a student adviser
  • Application forms
  • Other enquiries related to your studies at the Faculty

Student pages!

At uib.no/en/student a short cut will be found to many helpful pages that helps you administer your studies.

Counselling services

Do have questions regarding your studies, or do you need help and guidance to make the right priorities? The student advisers at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry are can offer high quality counselling services to our students. To make an appointment please contact the Information Centre during opening hours or send an e-mail to info.med@uib.no 

The academic year

Through the academic year there are many deadlines and important dates to keep in mind.

Duration of an ordinary study year is 40 weeks - from week number 33 until week number 51 in the fall-semester, and from week 1 until week 25 in the spring-semester.

Semester registration

StudentWeb opens for registration from week 50 in the fall semester and week 25 in the spring semester. Deadline for registration for the fall semester is 1 September, and 1 February for the spring semester.


For more information on exams, please check your registration or see the examination overview and location.