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Additional studies admission/post student status

The Faculty of Medicine offers their students to apply for an additional studies admission. Post student status is a time-limited study admission you can acquire after a completed bachelors, master's degree or a profession study at the faculty.

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This page does not apply to short-term students/exhange students.

What is "Additional studies admission"?

Additional studies admission is an offer of extended enrollment for those who have completed a degree at the Faculty of Medicine and wish to continue to take courses for a period of time. When and how many times you can apply depends on whether you have completed an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate degree (see information below).

Post student status can give you the right to enroll in individual courses at the Faculty of Medicine, or other faculties at the university. The additional studies admission does not give you the right to get a leave of absence or a extension of your post student status. The arrangement does not include students enrolled in one-year studies. Please note that the Faculty of Medicine have few open subjects.

If you have recently finished a degree you can apply for post student status. Your study admission is for one semester if you completed your degree in the fall semester, and two semesters at the time if you finished your degree in the spring semester. Your study admission will give you the opportunity to take open subjects in addition to the subjects you have in your degree.

How to apply

  • You can apply for additional studies admission through Søknadsweb.  Choose the admission called "poststudenter" and then your faculty. 
  • The results of the admission is published at Søknadsweb. Applications will not be processed continuously, but approximately every second week, and more frequent at the end of the admission period. You will be oriented by e-mail when your study admission is awarded. 

The application deadline 15 August/15 January is set late, so that you can wait with your application until other applications have been answered (For example application of admission to master studies at the University of Bergen).

If you want to continue studying at the University of Bergen after the additional studies admission has run out, you must reapply to The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (Samordna opptak). You will not be qualified for an internal transfer to a bachelor programme/one-year unit for further studies at a undergraduate degree. For students at a undergradute degree you have to apply through NUCAS (samordna opptak). If applicable, you can apply for a master degree or for Practical Pedagogy (PPU) through Søknadsweb at the University of Bergen.

Students who receive admission, will not be tied to an individual education plan, but select their courses freely (assuming that there are free places in the courses).