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The Faculty of Medicine was initially established in August 1946. In January 2008 it merged with Faculty of Dentistry.

The two faculties came together as a result of a common goal to make dentistry a more integrated part of the overall concept of health, and to be able to offer a more interdisciplinary approach in our education and research. In addition to medicine and dentistry, the we offer programs of professional studies in pharmacy and dental hygiene, a bachelor programme in and human nutrition as well as master degrees in health science, biomedicine and global health studiesamong others.

The faculty covers a wide range of research fields. We host one Norwegian Centers of Excellence (SFF), Bergen centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS) and three K. G. Jebsens Centers on research on Parkinson's disease, myeloid leukemia and genom-directed therapy in cancer. The infrastructure of the faculty’s research is organized in a total of eight core facilities.

Faculty of Medicine has a total of about 1200 employees and 1900 students. With the inclusion of it’s more than 500 Ph.D.-candidates the faculty is one of the biggest contributors to the doctoral education at the University of Bergen.