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Application Support for External Funding

Here you will find an overview of the application process, our services, and current open calls for funding.

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The application process

The application process varies depending on the funding source and programme. To tailor your application to specific funding opportunities, set up a meeting with research advisers at MEDforsk@uib.no for feedback on your research idea, CV and other application materials.

If you plan to apply for funding, please follow the application process for the department you are affiliated with:

*) A notification of your plan will be sent to the Head of Department, the Head of Administration, a financial officer at your department and research advisers.

Remember: your application for external funding will need to be approved by the department's management, and the budget needs to be quality-assured by a financial officer.

Services we offer

The team of research advisers at the Faculty offers the following pre-award services:

  • Identify new funding opportunities
  • Determine if the research idea aligns with the funding programme
  • Propose a timeline for application development
  • Coordinate tasks between FIA, faculty, department, and external consultancy
  • Provide tools and templates
  • Review and advise research applications (1-3 rounds)
  • Revise supporting materials (CV, letters of support, etc.)
  • Assist with a final quality check of the electronic application and attachments
  • Review the funder's feedback to inform future submissions

Contact research advisers medforsk@uib.no to discuss the expectations in attracting external funds and the level of support research advisers will provide.

Current funding opportunities

The following list is regularly updated with a selection of upcoming application deadlines focussed on research and innovation in health, medicine and life sciences.

Mobility Grants

ERASMUS+ staff mobility - subsidising mobility of up to 2 months, for UiB staff including PhD-candidates and post docs, to attend courses or individual laboratory visits. Deadline: biannually, 15 September and 20 January.

The Faculty of Medicine - Postdoctoral fellows with UiB funding - granted for stays 3-12 months.
Deadlines: Biannually, 1 March and 1 October each year.

Helse Vest - Granted for 6 or 12 months. Postdoctoral fellowship applicants are especially encouraged to apply for an overseas fellowship over the course of their fellowship period.
Deadline: continuing.

Research Council of Norway - Scholarship for research stays abroad for 3 -12 months for PhD candidates and Post Doctors in projects with funding from the Research Council.
Deadline: continuing.

Grants for Early Stage Researchers (pre- and postdoc) *new 27/06

Helse Vest PhD-fellowships: 3-years, 3 MIO NOK. Applicants or supervisors that are employed at a health trust can apply. Applicants or supervisors who are employed at UiB need an agreement of support with a health trust.
Deadline: recurring. Next: 15 September 2023

DAM stiftelsen Doctoral grants (Forskning)
1,5-3 MIO NOK, 4 years. Support for health research aimed at target groups in Norway which contributes to promoting living conditions, physical and mental health, coping, quality of life or social participation. The applications are sent through a volunteer oganisation like the Norwegian Red Cross, The Norwegian Cancer Society, the National Association for Publich Health etc.
Deadline: recurring. February each year

Human Frontier Science Programme Postdoctoral fellowships
3-year fellowships. The host institution cannot be located in the country where the applicant has obtained a doctorate or worked as a postdoctoral fellow, nor can the applicant be a citizen of the host country. The applicant cannot have worked with the supervisor at the host institution previously.
Deadline: annual, May

*new* NFR Three-year Researcher Project with International Mobility (FRIPRO)
4-4,4 MIO NOK, 3 years. For reseachers with a doctoral degree. Must hold a masters or PhD from a Norwegian research institution. Mobility requirement: two years abroad, one year in Norway.
Deadline: continous

NFR Doctoral Project in the Public Sector
Doctoral scholarships, 3-4 years. The public sector Ph.D.-scheme (OFFPHD) is intended to expand research activities in public sector bodies, to increase researcher recruitment within the public sector and to promote greater collaboration between academia and the public sector.
The applicant must be a public sector body. 
Deadline: continous

EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships : 2-year fellowships with obligatory mobility, relocation allowance and support for children.
Eligibility: 0-2 years after obtained PhD, extensions are possible due to career breaks as parental leave, military service/civil service or other extraordinary circumstances. Applicants must have at least one first (or joint first) author primary research paper accepted for publication or published in an international peer reviewed journal at the time the application is complete. 
Deadline: continous

Starting Grants *new 27/06

ERC Starting Grant
For talented early-career scientists of any nationality with 2-7 years of experience since completion of PhD, who have already produced excellent supervised work, is ready to work independently and shows potential to be a research leader with a scientific track record showing great promise. Up to 1,5€ million, 5 years.
Deadline: recurring. Next: 24 October 2023

Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS) Starting Grants 2023
The Trond Mohn Foundation awards grants towards research, research supporting activities and translational research in Bergen.
Deadline (prequalification round): recurring, March each year

*new* NFR Researcher Project for Early Career Scientists (FRIPRO)
4-8 MIO NOK, 3-4 years. All thematic areas. Applicants must hold a PhD, defense date with the last 2-7 years.
Deadline: continous

Individual Grants *new 14/09

Helse Vest Open project support
Applicants employed at Helse Vest can apply directly. Applicants from UiB can apply if they have a collaboration agreement with Helse Vest. 1,5 MIO NOK per year for 3 years.
Deadline: annually, 15 September

*new* World Cancer Research Fund International
For innovative and original research into the role of diet, nutrition and physical activity in either Cancer Prevention or Cancer Survivorship.
Investigator Initiated Grants: 350.000 GBP, 4 years
Pilot and Feasibility Grants: 60.000 GBP, 2 years
Deadline (project outline): 6 November 2023

Horizon Europe / ERC Consolidator Grant
Up to 2€ million, 5 years. For researchers of any nationality with 7-12 years of experience since completion of PhD, who want to consolidate your independence by establishing a research team and continuing to develop a success career in Europe. You can also apply if you have recently created an independent, excellent research team and want to strengthen it.
Deadline: 12 December 2023

DAM Foundation Research grants (Forskning)
1,5-3 MIO NOK for 3 years. Stiftelsen Dam is one of Norway's largest foundations and provides funding for health and research projects that will provide better health through participation and activity for people in Norway. The applications are sent through a volunteer oganisation like the Norwegian Red Cross, The Norwegian Cancer Society, the National Association for Publich Health etc.
Deadline: recurring. February each year

NFR Qualification - Research Commercialisation from Publicly Funded Research
200.000-500.000 NOK, 3-12 months. The funding must be used to clarify the commercial potential of promising research results.
Deadline: continous

*new* NFR Researcher Project for Experienced Scientists (FRIPRO)
4-12 MIO NOK, 3-8 years. Must have approved doctoral at least 6 years ago. All thematic areas.
Deadline: continuous

Collaborative Grants* new 21/08

Horizon Europe / Health cluster
The Health Cluster of Horizon Europe aims at promotion of health and well-being of the Europeans. Here is a selection of upcoming calls:
Access to health and care services for people in vulnerable situations 6 MIO EUR 
Validation of fluid-derived biomarkers for the prediction and prevention of brain disorders 8 MIO EUR 
Comparative effectiveness research for healthcare interventions in areas of high public health need 7 MIO EUR
Personalised prevention of non-communicable diseases - addressing areas of unmet needs using multiple data source 12 MIO EUR
The role of environmental pollution in non-communicable diseases: air, noise and light and hazardous waste pollution
Pandemic preparedness and response: Adaptive platform trials for pandemic preparedness
. HORIZON-HLTH-2024-DISEASE-03-11-two-stage
Deadline: 19 September 2023

EU Mission: Climate
Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions to build resilience towards health risks caused by the effects of climate change  6 MIO EUR.
Deadline: 20 September 2023

Horizon Europe / European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership EDCTP3
Improving modes of delivery, deployment, and uptake of vaccines through phase IV/implementation research. 5 MIO EUR. Collaboration with Sub-saharan Africa.
Advancing point-of-care diagnostics to the market. 5 MIO EUR. Collaboration with Sub-Saharan Africa.
Deadline (first-stage): 28 September 2023. Second stage: March 2024.

Global Initiative on Chronic Diseases / NIH Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cancer
Budget not limited, 5 years. Implementation research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries or in populations facing conditions of vulnerability in High-Income Countries.
Deadline: recurring. Next: October 2023, February 2024

The European Unions Health programme. It aims to improve the health of the population and protect the population against cross-border health threats. Participation of Norwegian actors is coordinated by the Norwegian Directorate of Health.
Prevention of NCDs in the area of dementia and other neurological disorders (DP-g-23-33-02 ). 36 Months, 333.333 EUR per project, 60% funding rate. Deadline 17 October 2023

Horizon Europe / ERC Synergy Grant
10 million EUR, 6 years. To address ambitious research questions that can only be answered by the coordinated work of a small group of 2-4 principal Investigators.
Deadline: 8 November 2023

Horizon Europe / MSCA Doctoral Networks 
Network schemes that measure both scientific quality, innovative ways of educating and training PhD students for future and enhanced career perspectives in both the academic and non-academic sectors through international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral mobility. DN equip researchers with the right combination of research-related and transferable competences combined with an innovation-oriented mind-set.
Deadline: recurring. Next: 28 November 2023

Innovative Health Initiative (IHI)
The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) is a partnership between the European Union and the European life science industries. For lage intersectorial consortia addressing specific topics. 
Topics in call 4:
- Expanding translational knowledge in minipigs: a path to reduce and replace non-human primates in non-clinical safety assessment
- Patient-centric blood sample collection to enable decentralised clinical trials and improve access to healthcare. 4,4 MIO EUR, 42 months
Inclusive clinical studies for equitable access to clinical research in Europe
- Establishing novel approaches to improve clinical trials for rare and ultra-rare diseases 
- Safe & sustainable by design (SSbD) packaging and single use device solutions for healthcare products
- Sustainable circular development and manufacturing of healthcare products and their quantitative environmental impact assessment. 20 MIO EUR, 60-72 months
Deadline first stage 8 November 2023
Topics in call 5:
- Accelerating the implementation of new approach methodologies and other innovative non-animal approaches for the development, testing and production of health technologies. 15 MIO EUR
- Development and proof of principle of new clinical applications of theranostics solutions. 12 MIO EUR
- Improved prediction, detection, and treatment approaches for comprehensive stroke management. 13 MIO EUR
- Maximising the potential of synthetic data generation in healthcare applications 10 MIO EUR
Deadline: 16 January 2024

Michael J. Fox Foundation (Parkinson´s Disease) Pre-clinical Therapeutics Pipeline Program
Funding academia-industry partnerships for pre-clinical and clinical interventions for Parkinson's disease. Amount: flexible, up to 24 months.
Deadlines: recurring. Next: 18 January 2023

Horizon Europe / Health Cluster 
Bio-printing of living cells for regenerative medicine
Pandemic preparedness and response: Host-pathogen interactions of infectious diseases with epidemic potential, HORIZON-HLTH-2024-DISEASE-08-20
Deadline: 11 April 2024

6 MNOK, 5 years. For academic cooperation and student mobility with at least one partner institution in the global south. 
Deadline: UTSATT TIL 2024

Small funds * new 02/08

For Norwegian citizens. 100.000 NOK, 3-12 months research stay in US.
Deadline: annual, 1 October 2023

Global Societal Challenges (UiB) 
100.000 NOK to cover meetings for interdiscipliniary teams addressing migration, democracy, human rights, global health, diversity, resources.
Deadline: 3 October 2023

UH nett vest
Seed funding for networking and project development. 200.000 kr
Deadline: recurring. 15 October each year

NFR Project establishment support (PES)
10.000-100.000 NOK. For researchers who have submitted an eligible application to Horizon Europe.

Norske kvinnelige akademikeres stipendiefond til Ellen Gleditsch` Minne
Fondet deler ut stipend til kvinnelige akademikere til videre utdannelse og forskning.
NOK 10 000 – NOK 30 000.
Deadline: 15 October 2023

*new* EEA and Norway Grants Czech Open Call 4
20 000 EUR. For bilateral activities with a partner in the Czech Republic, e.g. workshops, visits, data collection.
Deadline: 31 December 2023

Fond og legater ved Det medisinske fakultet
Support for reasearch projects at the Faculty of Medicine. 5.000-100.000 NOK
Deadline: recurring. Next: December 2023/January 2024

Bergen Universitetsfond
For dissemination and publication of research results, holding scientific conferences, workshops. 900.000 NOK.
Deadline: annual, Januar

Meltzer fond
150.000 NOK, for UiB employees. Travel, running costs, organising conferences etc.
Deadline: annual, December/January

Nansenfondet og de dermed forbundne fond
50.000 NOK
Deadline: recurring. 15 Januar

Thordis og Johannes Gahrs fond til fremme av geronto-psykiatrisk forskning
Deadline: recurring: 15 Februar

Stiftelsen til fremme av forskning på hjerte-, kar- og lungesykdommer, inklusive kreftsykdommer
NOK 50 000 – NOK 150 000
Deadline: recurring, 15. februar

Johanne og Einar Eilertsens forskningsfond til sønnen Johan Eilertsens minne
Fondet støtter norsk psykiatrisk forskning. 50 000 kr – 100 000 kr. 
Deadline: recurring, 15. februar

Ann Kern-Godal’s memorial fund for Horse-Assisted Therapy
The Fund promotes evidence-based research into horse-assisted therapy (HAT) for different patient groups. PhD and post doc stipends.
Deadline: recurring, 15. februar

Fylkesmann H.B. Guldahl og hustru Lucy Guldahls legat til bekjempelse av kreft og andre alvorlige sykdommer
10 000 kr – 100 000 kr
Deadline: 1 March

Chunichi-Inadomi-fondet for norsk-japansk kulturutveksling
Det gis støtte til kulturutveksling i form av utveksling av studenter, forskere og andre kulturarbeidere, andre tiltak som fremmer kulturelt samkvem. 5-50.000 NOK
Deadline: 30 March

Stiftelsen til tannlegevitenskapens fremme
vitenskapelige stipendier i størrelsesordenen 10 000 kr - 50 000 kr.
Deadline: 30 march

Peder Sather Center, UC Berkeley
100.000-250.000 NOK for collaboration with UC Berkeley.
Deadline: recurring. Next: April 2024

University of Washington (US)/ Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada) 
Covers travel costs and visa fees for a 10 week research stay.
Deadline: continuous 

Helse Vest
short-Term projects: 500.000 NOK
Deadline: recurring. 15 September