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Here you will find an overview of the application process, our services, and current open calls for funding.

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The application process

The application process varies depending on the funding source and programme. To tailor your application to specific funding opportunities, set up a meeting with research advisers at MEDforsk@uib.no for feedback on your research idea, CV and other application materials.

If you plan to apply for funding, please notify the department you are affiliated with (latest one month before submission):

*) A notification of your plan will be sent to the Head of Department, the Head of Administration, a financial officer at your department and research advisers.

Remember: your grant proposal must be approved by the department's management and the budget must be controlled by a financial officer. 

From 2024 we introduced internal collection dates for FRIPRO in March and September. Read more here: Applying for the Research Council of Norway's FRIPRO funding scheme

Services we offer

The team of research advisers at the Faculty offers the following pre-award services:

  • Identify new funding opportunities
  • Determine if the research idea aligns with the funding programme
  • Propose a timeline for application development
  • Coordinate tasks between FIA, faculty, department, and external consultancy
  • Provide tools and templates
  • Review and advise research applications (1-3 rounds)
  • Revise supporting materials (CV, letters of support, etc.)
  • Assist with a final quality check of the electronic application and attachments
  • Review the funder's feedback to inform future submissions

Contact research advisers medforsk@uib.no to discuss the expectations in attracting external funds and the level of support research advisers will provide.

Current funding opportunities

The following list is regularly updated with a selection of upcoming application deadlines focussed on research and innovation in health, medicine and life sciences.

Small funds*new 08/04

Familien Blix fond - medical research in cardiovascular diseases and cancer
80 000 NOK to cover running costs. 
Deadline: 25 June 2024

*new* Norwegian Association for Children with Congenital Heart Disease
300 000 NOK.
Deadline: annual, next 1 September 2024

*new* Raagholt Foundation - Cardiology, vision, cancer
Running costs, travel grants, course fees.
Deadline: 1 September 2024

Helse Vest short-Term projects
500.000 NOK
Deadline: recurring, 15 September

UH nett vest
Seed funding for networking and project development. 200.000 kr
Deadline: recurring, 15 October each year

NFR Project establishment support (PES)
10.000-100.000 NOK. For researchers who have submitted an eligible application to Horizon Europe.

Fond og legater ved Det medisinske fakultet
Support for reasearch projects at the Faculty of Medicine. 5.000-100.000 NOK
Deadline: recurring, next: 12 January 2024

Meltzer fond
150.000 NOK, for UiB employees. Travel, running costs, organising conferences etc.
Deadline: annual, next: 12 January 2024

Bergen Universitetsfond
For dissemination and publication of research results, holding scientific conferences, workshops. 900.000 NOK.
Deadline: annual, next: 12 January 2024

Nansenfondet og de dermed forbundne fond
50.000 NOK
Deadline: recurring. 15 Januar

Thordis og Johannes Gahrs fond til fremme av geronto-psykiatrisk forskning
Deadline: recurring: 15 Februar

Stiftelsen til fremme av forskning på hjerte-, kar- og lungesykdommer, inklusive kreftsykdommer
NOK 50 000 – NOK 150 000
Deadline: recurring, 15 Februar

Johanne og Einar Eilertsens forskningsfond til sønnen Johan Eilertsens minne
Fondet støtter norsk psykiatrisk forskning. 50 000 kr – 100 000 kr. 
Deadline: recurring, 15 Februar

Ann Kern-Godal’s memorial fund for Horse-Assisted Therapy
The Fund promotes evidence-based research into horse-assisted therapy (HAT) for different patient groups. PhD and post doc stipends.
Deadline: recurring, 15 Februar

Fylkesmann H.B. Guldahl og hustru Lucy Guldahls legat til bekjempelse av kreft og andre alvorlige sykdommer
10 000 kr – 100 000 kr
Deadline: 1 March

The foundation for the advancement of dental science
Academic scholarships at around 10 000 kr - 50 000 kr.
Deadline: annually, 30 March

Norwegian SIDS and Stillbirth Society
200.000 NOK. For research on sudden death in the perinatal period and in infancy and early childhood, as well as research on grief after death.
Deadline: annually, March

Peder Sather Center, UC Berkeley
100.000-250.000 NOK for collaboration with UC Berkeley.
Deadline: annually, April

*new* European Association for Cancer Research - Travel Grants
3.500 EUR for short-term stays (2 weeks -3 months). Max 8 yeast after PhD defense. Must be member of EACR.
Deadline: continous

Mobility Grants

For Norwegian citizens. 100.000 NOK, 3-12 months research stay in US.
Deadline: annually, October

ERASMUS+ staff mobility 
subsidising mobility of up to 2 months, for UiB staff including PhD-candidates and post docs, to attend courses or individual laboratory visits. Deadline: biannually, 15 September and 20 January

The Faculty of Medicine - PhD candidates and postdocs with UiB stipend
granted for stays 3-12 months.
Deadlines: continuing

Helse Vest Research stay abroad 
Granted for 6 or 12 months. Postdoctoral fellowship applicants are especially encouraged to apply for an overseas fellowship over the course of their fellowship period.
Deadline: continuing

Research Council of Norway Research stay abroad 
Scholarship for research stays abroad for 3 -12 months for PhD candidates and Post Doctors in projects with funding from the Research Council.
Deadline: continuing

EMBO Core Facility Fellowship
Supporting training for staff of core facilities, funding international exchanges. 1 month.
Deadline: continuing

EMBO New Venture Fellowships
3 Months stay abroad for researchers 2 years after PhD and up to 2 years after establishing independent groups. Applications should promote interdisciplinary research, with the proposed project being different to the applicant’s current topic.
Deadline: continuing

EMBO Scientific Exchange Grants
Research exchanges of up to three months between laboratories in eligible countries. The grants facilitate collaborations with research groups with expertise, techniques, or infrastructure that is unavailable in the applicant’s laboratory. They cover travel and subsistence costs of the fellow.
Deadline: continuing

University of Washington (US)/ Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada) 
Covers travel costs and visa fees for a 10 week research stay.
Deadline: continuous 

Grants for Early Stage Researchers (pre- and postdoc) *new 29/11

*new* Horizon Europe / MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships
European Fellowships: 24 months. Mobility rule: Candidates must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Norway for more than 12 months in the 36 months immediately before the call deadline.
Global Fellowships: 36 months. Mobility rule: for candidates from Bergen. 2 year outgoing phase outside Europe, 1 year return phase in Bergen. Mobility rule: candidates must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country country of the host organisation for the outgoing phase for more than 12 months in the 36 months immediately before the call deadline.
Deadline: annually, next: 11 September 2024

DAM stiftelsen Doctoral grants (Forskning)
1,5-3 MIO NOK, 4 years. Support for health research aimed at target groups in Norway which contributes to promoting living conditions, physical and mental health, coping, quality of life or social participation. The applications are sent through a volunteer oganisation like the Norwegian Red Cross, The Norwegian Cancer Society, the National Association for Publich Health etc.
Deadline: annually, 15 February 

Human Frontier Science Programme Postdoctoral fellowships
3-year fellowships. Topic: basic research focused on the elucidation of the sophisticated and complex mechanisms of living organisms. The host institution cannot be located in the country where the applicant has obtained a doctorate or worked as a postdoctoral fellow, nor can the applicant be a citizen of the host country. The applicant cannot have worked with the supervisor at the host institution previously.
Deadline: annually, May

NFR Three-year Researcher Project with International Mobility (FRIPRO)
4-4,4 MIO NOK, 3 years. For reseachers with a doctoral degree. Must hold a masters or PhD from a Norwegian research institution. Mobility requirement: two years abroad, one year in Norway.
Deadline: continous

NFR Doctoral Project in the Public Sector
Doctoral scholarships, 3-4 years. The public sector Ph.D.-scheme (OFFPHD) is intended to expand research activities in public sector bodies, to increase researcher recruitment within the public sector and to promote greater collaboration between academia and the public sector.
The applicant must be a public sector body. 
Deadline: continous

EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships : 2-year fellowships with obligatory mobility, relocation allowance and support for children.
Eligibility: 0-2 years after obtained PhD, extensions are possible due to career breaks as parental leave, military service/civil service or other extraordinary circumstances. Applicants must have at least one first (or joint first) author primary research paper accepted for publication or published in an international peer reviewed journal at the time the application is complete. 
Deadline: continous

Starting Grants *new 14/05

Norwegian Cancer Society Open Call - Young research talents
Deadline: annually, next: 28 May 2024

Horizon Europe / ERC starting Grant
1,5 MIO EUR, 5 years. For researchers to start their own research group, 2-7 years after their PhD. UiB offers a mentoring program for first-time applicants, proposal reading sessions, and writing courses. Contact medforsk@uib.no.
Deadline: annual. Next: 15 October 2024

*new* Novo Nordisk Emerging Investigator Grant within Endocrinology and Metabolism
5 years, 10 MDKK, for researchers at 4-8 years after their PhD.
Deadline: annual, January

Trond Mohn Foundation (TMF) Starting Grants 2024
The Trond Mohn Foundation awards grants towards research, research supporting activities and translational research in Bergen. Max age 40 years.Each department has an internal pre-qualification process. Contact the head of your department for more information.
Deadline (prequalification round): annual, 8 March

NFR Researcher Project for Early Career Scientists (FRIPRO)
4-8 MIO NOK, 3-4 years. All thematic areas. Applicants must hold a PhD, defense date within the last 2-7 years.
Deadline: continous

Individual Grants *new 14/03

*new* Norwegian Cancer Society Open Call
Deadline: annually, next: 28 May 2024

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) - Prohibited Substance and Methods Research Grants 
Research on Detection of peptide and protein hormones by chromatography-mass spectrometry, detection of prohibited substances/methods, Pharmacokinetic studies of prohibited substances, Detection of autologous blood transfusion and more.
Deadline (Expression of interest): 30 June 2024

Helse Vest Open project support
Applicants employed at Helse Vest can apply directly. Applicants from UiB can apply if they have a collaboration agreement with Helse Vest. 1,5 MIO NOK per year for 3 years.
Deadline: annually, 15 September

ERC Advanced Grant
2,5 MIO EUR, 5 years. Bottom-up frontier research grant for established research leaders.
Deadline: 29 August 2024

ERC Consolidator Grant
2 MIO EUR, 5 years. Bottom-up frontier research grant for researchers at at 7-12 years after obtaining their doctorate.
Deadline: 14 January 2025

DAM Foundation Research grants (Forskning)
1,5-3 MIO NOK for 3 years. Stiftelsen Dam is one of Norway's largest foundations and provides funding for health and research projects that will provide better health through participation and activity for people in Norway. The applications are sent through a volunteer oganisation like the Norwegian Red Cross, The Norwegian Cancer Society, the National Association for Publich Health etc.
Deadline: annually, 15 February

Qualification - Research Commercialisation from Publicly Funded Research
200.000-500.000 NOK, 3-12 months. The funding must be used to clarify the commercial potential of promising research results.
Deadline: continous

NFR Researcher Project for Experienced Scientists (FRIPRO)
4-12 MIO NOK, 3-8 years. Must have approved doctoral at least 6 years ago. All thematic areas.
Deadline: continuous

*new* Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI) - Innovations to Prepare for Future Epidemics and Pandemics 
Focus Area 1: advancing innovative rapid-response vaccine platforms that can transform the response to a future Disease X.
Focus Area 2: developing new vaccine candidates against CEPI priority pathogens with epidemic or pandemic potential and viral families.
Deadline: continous

Collaborative Grants* new 14/05

5 MIO NOK, 4 years. Collaboration with the Global South. Strengthened partnerships for education and research. Increased mobility of students and internationalisation.
Deadline: 3 June 2024

NFR - Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
200 MIO NOK, 5 years. To conduct high-quality research on AI.
Deadline (notice of interest): 7 June 2024. Deadline (full): 15 January 2025

*new* TRANSCAN-3 Combination therapies against cancer: new opportunities for translational research
3-year projects; 300.000 EUR for Norwegian partners, 400.000 EUR for coordinators; 3-6 international partners. The proposal should aim to contribute to one of the following:
Aim 1. Development of new tumour derived models to test new drug combination therapies.
Aim 2. Design and development of high-throughput drug combination screening platforms to test new combination therapies.
Aim 3. Use of immunotherapy and radiotherapy combinations strategies to overcome drug resistance.
Deadline (pre-proposals): 5 July 2024

*new* Wellcome Trust - Mental Health Award: applying neuroscience to understand symptoms in anxiety, depression and psychosis
5 M GBP, 5 years. Collaboration between neuroscientists, mental health practitioners and people with lived experience. Projects that combine computational and experimental neuroscience approaches to improve understanding of symptoms of anxiety, depression and psychosis.
Deadline: 23 July 2024

*new* Nordic Cancer Union - Research Grant
3 years, collaboration between 3 Nordic countries. The aims of the NCU research strategy are: Improved knowledge and understanding of cancer; More effective prevention of cancer; Better results of cancer treatment and rehabilitation; Enhanced application of cancer. The focus is on epidemiology, prevention, health promotion, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation treatment in the Nordic countries.
Deadline: 5 September 2024

Horizon Europe - Cancer Mission
Accessible and affordable tests to advance early detection of heritable cancers in European regions HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-03. Innovation action 12 MIO EUR per project. To validate easy-to-use, affordable and accessible genetic, multi-omics or other biomarker-based cancer tests for early detection of cancers with an underlying heritable genetic risk. Activities are expected to achieve TRL 5 to 7 by the end of the project.
Improving the understanding and management of late-effects in adolescents and young adults (AYA) with cancer HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-05. 6 MIO EUR per project. The focus should be exclusively on adolescent and young adult (AYA, age range 15-39) cancer patients and survivors.
Deadline: 18 September 2024 

NFR - Sustainability of municipal health and care services
Research and innovation that is anchored in the need to strengthen the sustainability of municipal health and care services. The application type is Innovation Project.
Deadline: 18 September 2024

Horizon Europe - Health Cluster
Implementation research for management of multiple long-term conditions in the context of non-communicable diseases (Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases - GACD) HORIZON-HLTH-2024-DISEASE-13-01. 4 MIO EUR. Proposals should aim to improve health care delivery, particularly for disadvantaged populations, by implementing specific guidelines and enhancing the overall quality of life. 
Deadline: 26 November 2024

Horizon Europe - MSCA Doctoral Networks 
15 doctoral fellows. Network schemes that measure both scientific quality, innovative ways of educating and training PhD students for future and enhanced career perspectives in both the academic and non-academic sectors through international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral mobility. DN equip researchers with the right combination of research-related and transferable competences combined with an innovation-oriented mind-set.
Deadline: recurring. Next: 27 November 2024

EU4Health - Open Calls 
The European Commissions framework program for health. Norwegian participation is coordinated by the Directorate for Health. Action grants that aim to fulfil the objectives of the EU framework program for health and Europe's Beating Cancer Plan. Read the call details in the Work programme 2024.
- Support integration of cancer images into the federated pan-European infrastructure to foster screening programmes.CR-g-24-37. 
- Increase health literacy on cancer prevention and care. The main objective of this action is to support health literacy for cancer prevention and care, to improve health literacy and to focus on reducing inequalities in cancer prevention and care. CR-g-24-39
- EU Network of Youth Cancer Survivors. CR-g-24-45 
Deadline: 10 October 2024
- Personalised Cancer Medicine. 
The actions that will complement the Joint Action on Personalized Cancer Medicine are expected to bring short-term improvements in implementing personalised cancer medicine and sharing best practice among Member States and countries associated to the EU4Health Programme. CR-g-24-99 
- Support the establishment of new networks of expertise on cancer and cancer conditions. CR-g-24-96
- Advancing the adoption of artificial intelligence in health. The overarching objective of this project is to accelerate the safe deployment of AI systems in particular in clinical settings. DI-g-24-76 
- Health promotion and prevention of NDCs and CDs, including vaccine-preventable and other cancers caused by infections DP/CR-g-24-29 Sub-topics: (a) NCDs and their risk factors (b) Vaccination and vaccine-preventable cancers (HPV and HBV, HCV) (c) Communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, viral hepatitis). 
Deadline: 22 Jan 2025

NFR - Center for Excellence
The Centres of Excellence are large research centers with funding for 5-6 years. If you consider an appliation, please sent a notification of interest via this form: Initiativer for SFF VI - MED
Deadline (stage 1): End of 2025