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Global Challenges

Global challenges affect us all — they are complex and interdisciplinary by nature, and influence how we work and collaborate across disciplines at the University of Bergen.

The annual SKOK debate
Banner for debatten med tittel, logo, bilder og titler på debattantene
Mar 09

Freedom of speech and academic freedom: Debate about racism and sexism

Welcome to the annual SKOK debate of 2021! The debate is organized in cooperation with Kvinnefestivalen i Bergen, and this year, you can follow the debate on Zoom.

Norway's Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide speaking at the opening of the 2021 SDG Conference Bergen on Thursday 11 February.

SDG Conference Bergen becomes global success

A global audience of more than 2,600 watched as Norway’s Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide opened the 2021 SDG Conference Bergen discussing issues of climate change, stable institutions and inequality as the conference went virtual – and viral.

Criminal insanity| Psychosis
Psykose, Utilregnelighet, UiB.

Expanding understanding of the relationship between criminal insanity and psychosis

How and why does psychosis play a role when defining someone as criminally insane and lacking capacity for responsible action? Professor Linda Gröning at The Faculty of Law has been given 12 million NOK from The Research Council of Norway to learn more about the nuances of this question.

Master education
Students UiB

Bergen School of Global Studies launched

The launch at the University Aula concluded with two large panels representing the diversity of scientific milieus tackling global challenges in Bergen. Together they will work to make Bergen the place of choice for students seeking knowledge and skills to help solve global challenges.

Global Partnerships

Record funding for partnerships in the South

Building on years of collaboration with institutions of research and higher education, the University of Bergen ends year with funding for a record number of new projects with partner institutions in the South.



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