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Week 16

Today 19th April (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 17

Wednesday 24th April (1)

Annual GRIP Lecture 2024: Walden Bello (Conference)

26th April (1)

The History of Palestine Solidarity in Scandinavia and the World (Event)

Week 18

29th April (1)

Open meeting of the Sustainability Education Collective (Meeting)

Week 19

7th May (2)

Who’s who in the Middle East? (Event)
Who's who in the Middle East? The Houthis (Event)

Week 20

13th May (1)

Exploring Digital Narratives: Best Practices in Online Research (Workshop)
Starts - Event ends at 14.05.2024

Week 23

3rd June (2)

Where to find transdisciplinarity, and how to integrate it into education (Lecture)
Glitches: Towards a framework for critique of cultures of AI (Lecture)

5th June (1)

CET Lunch: Loud and quiet actors in the Norwegian climate policy network (Seminar)

7th June (1)

Pathways of tomorrow: Contributing to thinking commensurate with the planet (Lecture)