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Week 21

Today 24th May (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 24

14th June (1)

On Dereliction, Destitution and the Unbuilding of the World (Seminar)
Registration deadline: 04.06.2019 at​ 12:00

Week 25

17th June (1)

The making of the Sustainable Development Goals - an insider’s perspective (Guest lecture)

19th June (1)

Embedded implementation research at UNICEF (Lecture)

21st June (1)

What should be the role of the ocean and ocean science in sustainable development? (Guest lecture)

Week 26

24th June (1)

Does Diplomacy Have a Gender? (Guest lecture)

25th June (2)

The Impact of Diplomacy (Guest lecture)
Celebrity humanitarianism: a new mode of development practice? (Guest lecture)

26th June (1)

The Scientist Influencer (Guest lecture)