Global Challenges

Research on global challenges

The University's strategic focus on global challenges is based on global development and globalisation processes.

Paul S. Amundsen

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UiB works specifically to promote interdisciplinary research on migration, health and inequality, as key themes within its strategic initiative on global challenges. The three themes are closely linked, but can also stand alone. Several faculties have established high quality research within these themes, and the University seeks to further develop this research in an interdisciplinary setting.

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The UN's Sustainable Development Goals directly address both inequality and health. Access to healthcare and health risks are among the most significant differentiating factors in the world today. Failing health and health services are often both a result, and a cause, of inequality.

The causes for migration are many and varied, and occurs within individual countries as well as between countries and continents. Migration characterises today's economy, political agenda and culture.

Institutes, centres, projects and networks engaged with research on global challenges: MigrationHealth and Inequality.


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