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PhD candidates connected to Global challenges

List of PhD candidates with multi-disciplinary projects awarded by Global Challenges 2018-2021

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Theogene Habumugisha

Nutrition policy and food systems recommendations anchored in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) frameworks: Is that a possibility?

Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Humanities

Ingunn M.S. Engebretsen, Jutta Dierkes, Inger Måren, Matthias Kaiser 


Anders Rubing

Securing the future: Resilient cities in the context of migration

Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences

Randi Gressgård, Bjørn Enge Bertelsen


Ludvik Olai Espeland

Addressing the Global Challenges on Antimicrobial Resistance with Inhibitors of bacterial fatty acid synthesis

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Bengt Erik Haug, Ruth Brenk


Mulu Beyene Kidanemariam

Accounting for maternal deaths in the era of SDGs: Juridification, social practices and implications on maternal death audits in Ethiopia

Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine

Henriette Sinding Aasen, Astrid Blystad


Ole Kristian Einarsen

Music, Health and Policy. Child-focused and music therapy-based health research to meet European challenges for migrant minors – a qualitative field study

Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Viggo Krüger, Marit Skivenes, Ingunn M.S. Engebretsen


Fridah Siyanga-Tembo

Small fish for small children: Dietary intake of small fish to reduce child malnutrition in Uganda

Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Ragnhild Overå, Jeppe Kolding, Thorkild Tylleskär


Devyn Helen Avhild Remme

The global implications of Norway’s electric car revolution

Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities

Håvard Haarstad, Kjetil Rommetveit, Siddharth Sareen


Tobias Bashevkin

Effects of singing on brain plasticity, mood, and quality of life in individuals with, or at risk for, Alzheimer’s disease (ALMUTH)

Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Medicine. Faculty of Music, Fine Art and Design

Stefan Kölsch, Stavros Skouras, Christian Gold