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Learning facilities

Overview of study spaces, work spaces and computer labs as well as book lockers and wardrobes.

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Study spaces

Armauer Hansens hus, 1th. floor:
230 seats, open from 06.00 am -23.00 pm.

Studenthouse Haukeland (Gade):
146 seats distributed in 5 rooms, open from 06.00 am -23.00 pm. 

Building for Clinical Dentistry (ODO): 
134 seats, open from 06.00 am - 23.00 pm.

Building for Basic Biological Research (BBB): 

  • 3 floor. : 72 seats reserved Dentistry-, Nutrition-, Pharmacy-, Psychology and 1th year master students, open from 06.00 am - 23.00 pm. 
  • 5 floor. : 15 seats reserved master students and students attending The Medical Student Research Programme. 
  • 6 floor. : 17 seats reserved master students and students attending The Medical Student Research Programme.
  • 7 floor. : 13 seats reserved master students and students attending The Medical Student Research Programme.


In addition we have laboratory spaces, and reading and writing spaces at the different institutes for master students and medical students attending our research programme. Master students who get guidance from NIFES ( National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research) have reading spaces there. 

Study space regulations

Here you can find our mutual regulations for study spaces at the University in Bergen, with complementary rules for The Faculty of Medicine  (current from 1. february 2013).

Colloquium room

The colloquium rooms are located in several buildings. You need to book the rooms at TP:Rombestilling (log on with your Username and password).  

  • Armauer Hansens hus (AHH): 8 rom i 1. etasje.
  • Bygg for biologiske basalfag (BBB): 4 sambruksrom i 3. etasje.
  • Sentralblokka (HUS)Basestasjon 1-5 i 3. etasje, like ved Kafe 3.
  • Studenthuset Haukeland (Gade): 3 rom.
  • Odontologibygget (ODO): 4 grupperom.

More information on booking a room

Computer labs

  • BBB/Library: 20 seats 
  • Odontologibygget (ODO):  16 seats
  • Armauer Hansens hus: Two UiB PCs in room 122 and two Helse-Bergen PCs in "Utsikten" with no DIPS (patient system at the hospital) access.
    • In work room 1141 there is five Helse-Bergen PCs with DIPS access. These PCs must be booked: https://tp.uio.no/uib/rombestilling/. Choose room type "PC-rom" and choose "enkelplass - kun én plass".



The Library at the Faculty of Medicine is located in the 3rd floor of the BB-building. They offer work stations, group rooms and computer rooms. You must book the grouprooms at https://tp.uio.no/uib/rombestilling/.

Book- and wardrobe lockers

  • BBB: 424 wardrobe lockers in 2nd. floor &  227 bokskap i 3rd. floor.
  • Studenthuset Haukeland (Gade): 120 book lockers
  • Footbridge between BB-building and Centralblock HUS, 3rd floor: 234 book lockers
  • Armauer Hansens house (AHH) 0. floor: 234 book lockers