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UiB and the Faculty of Medicine want more innovation! Submit your idea to start the commercialization process or an innovation project.

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The Faculty of Medicine is full of clever heads with great ideas. We want more of those ideas to be realized and give societal benefit. As a consequence, we are building a better support system for innovation at the Faculty. In parallell, UiB has entered a new service agreement with VIS Innovasjon (our Tecnhology Transfer Office) which requires formal approval from your department to start commercialisation projects with VIS. Despite the requirement for approval, we want a low bar for submitting ideas.

The first step, which triggers the support processes, is the disclosure of your innovation - the DOFI - via this page.


This submission acts as a formal notification to the faculty, who will notify department(s) and VIS. Some time after submission you will normally be contacted by a VIS business developer.

You can contact the faculty innovation advisor directly to discuss whether the idea is ready for submission (it usually is!) or whether more work should be done. We can also discuss if you are unsure who to list as idea contributors/inventors, or if there are known IP issues (such as already having published the results).