Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health (BCEPS+)

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BCEPS+ SFF Initiative

The proposed Centre of Excellence BCEPS+ will build on BCEPS' current applied research in Universal Health Coverage decision support to become a Global Centre of Excellence for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health.

Contact: Ole Frithjof Norheim

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Research Goals

Foundational research is needed to clarify how ethical principles can better guide priority setting for health and well-being. BCEPS+ workstreams have the potential to achieve ground-breaking results.

background BCEPS+

Background and Vision

BCEPS+ will conduct ground-breaking foundational research to develop a new comprehensive and dynamic model for ethical, fair, and efficient priority setting for population health and well-being.


Partners and People

The BCEPS+ team has been composed with the aim of harnessing synergies of expertise to enable a level of scientific and social impact beyond the reach of the individual group leaders on their own.

Relevant Publications

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This is a proposed Centre of Excellence – Senter for fremragende forskning – from the University of Bergen.