The UiB Brussels Office

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The Brussels office is established to strengthen UiBs presence and visibility in Brussels and the EU.

The office offers assistance to researchers who need information, wish to build networks, or establish new partnerships. 

Next Bergen visit: Kristof Vlaeminck will be in Bergen during the first week of April.

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Read the Position Paper from the Norwegian Universities on EU's 9th Framework Programme (April 2018)

UiB's Brussels Office
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Why organise a study tour or event in Brussels?

Coming to Brussels can be time consuming and doesn’t always fit with your agenda. Nevertheless, it can be interesting to invest some of your time to do so. And this is exactly how you should look at it: as an investment.

Horizon 2020

Why register as an expert for the European Commission?

Evaluating project proposals for Horizon 2020 will provide useful insight into EU's research policies and the evaluation process. UiB's Brussels Office can help you in creating a relevant expert profile.

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Success stories from the UiB Brussels Office

There are several ways to create your own success within Horizon 2020. Some more creative than others, Matthias Kaiser was one of them.

Horizon Europe
EU budget illustration

Horizon Europe: EU's next Research and Innovation programme

Starting in 2021, EU’s next research and innovation framework programme is called Horizon Europe. Kristof Vlaeminck from UiB’s Brussels Office explains what this will mean to UiB researchers.

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The Brussels Office is moving

The UiB Brussels Office is relocating in March. The office offers practical and strategic support to groups and researchers who are interested in establishing networks applying for EU funding.

UiB Brussels Office: Guardmardstraat 9, 1000 Brussel, Belgium.
Head of Office Kristof Vlaeminck. Phone number: +32 497 61 69 68.
Intern Victoria Engebretsen  Phone number: +47 97 65 30 61.