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Podcast by Srib and UiB Brussels

The BrusselsBubble (BrusselBobla)

The University of Bergens Brussels office has in collaboration with the student radio of Bergen (srib) created the podcast BrusselBobla, meaning the "Brussels Bubble". In this podcasat you can hear the host Thea Lovise Vie try to bring you into the political and Norwegian world in Brussels!

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Clara Neegaard

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What is BrusselBobla? 

This is the podcast for you who wants to better understand the capital of Europe, how the different EU-institutions work, the EU agenda, as well as how Norwegian actors maneuver this political landscape. It all started as a mission to simplify and make this knowledge available for everyone and not only those who has a special interest for the EU. The format is a one to one conversation between the host Thea Lovise Vie and people representing diifferent institutions, firms, and organizations in Brussels. They all work in different fields, but to all of them the relevance of EU politics is equal. Most of them has ties to Norway, and therefore are almost all the episodes in Norwegian. 

Where do you find BrusselBobla?

You can listen to the podcast in Spotify and in the Apple podcast app! 

Who has already guested the show? 

Here you can see some of those interesting actors that has guested the BrusselsBubble! 

BB guest collage
Thea Lovise Vie

From the top left: Marit Aspaas, EU-delegasjonen; Thea Lovise Vie, podcast-vert; Olav Aamlid, Equinor; Kira Marie Peter-Hansen, Member of the European Parliament. 
From the bottom left: Margrethe Eide, Stavangerregionens Brusselkontor; Rønnaug Sægrov Mysterud, Norsk Hydro.