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Internship at the UiB Brussels Office

The UiB Brussels Office offers two internships each semester for BA students at the University of Bergen.

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As a student intern at the UiB Brussels Office, you learn to make use of the knowledge acquired while studying in practice. Through working closely with the Head of Office in assisting her daily representation and promotion of the University of Bergen in Brussels, student interns at the office gain invaluable, first-hand experience of how interest representation in the EU works. The primary task of the office is to strengthen UiB’s participation in EU funded research and innovation initiatives; in particular the framework programme Horizon Europe.

Working in the heart of Europe

Brussels is often described as the heart of Europe, hosting most of the central EU institutions such as the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the European Council. Subsequently, numerous interest organizations from all around the world, as well as associations, informal networks and regions have established offices in the city. This creates a unique opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings with relevant stakeholders. As the city gradually opens up from the pandemic restrictions, more and more events are arranged, and the student interns are strongly encouraged to attend them both to learn and represent the UiB.

Furthermore, daily activities carried out by the student interns include article writing, attending working group meetings of relevant networks, planning and organizing events at the office, and communicating with the home institution and the Brussels audience.

Social life in Brussels

The UiB Brussels Office is situated at the Norwegian House for Research and Innovation (NOHRI), where we share common areas with Norce, SINTEF and NTNU. The two latter also offer student internships and traineeships, which provides great opportunities for expanding your social network in the office as well as outside. Moreover, several intern/trainee events during the semester allow for social student interns to cover their need to socialize and make new friends.  

Our experience

The student interns during fall 2021 shared their thoughts on living in Brussels and working at the UiB Brussels Office here (Norwegian article).


More information about the formal requirements to apply can be found on the subject description of SAMPOL291: Comparative Politics Internship – abroad.