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Useful info for employees at SKOK and SVT

Budgeting for proposals

Below is a useful guide for budgeting for SKOK and SVT employees who are applying for funding for research, travels, events and similar.

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Budgeting for Horizon Europe (HEU) and Research Council of Norway (RCN) proposals

A project financial officer will assist you with the budget. Filiz Ipek Lunde does most of the budgeting for SKOK and SVT.

Remember to let Kamilla, Tone and your head of centre know as soon as possible if you’re planning on applying for HEU or NFR funding.

Kamilla will then let the BOA team at the faculty know so that you are set up with a financial officer and get the assistance available to you from the university. For HEU applications (not NFR), you’ll get an advisor from the Division of Research and Innovation (FIA), and there’s also money available for you (PES funding – dependent upon you sending an application that meets HEU’s requirements for an eligible proposal).

Budgeting for internal/local funding like Meltzer, Bergen universitetsfond, SPIRE, Trond Mohn

You do this budgeting yourself, but you can ask Kamilla, Tone and Judith for assistance. Don't leave the budgeting until the day of the deadline!

Below are some useful websites and advice about how to budget for various activities:

Catering for events

Here, you can use UiB’s own policy for “bevertning” (food and drinks at meetings, conferences and seminars).

This page is unfortunately not in English, but under Bevertning you’ll find the advised sums for events under 3 hours and events that last 3 hours or more. Use Google Translate or ask Kamilla if anything is unclear here.

You can also have a look at Statens reiseregulativ for domestic and international travels and “kostgodtgjørelse” (subsistence allowance) to calculate what to budget for different meals:

This page is also only in Norwegian, but you can check out these pages about board and lodging and subsistence allowance in English.

Meeting rooms

Remember that all UiB rooms can be booked for free. Contact Judith or Kamilla about the details of the type of room you want (size, facilities, location, time, etc.) and we’ll book for you.

If you want to know the prices of other venues in Bergen, contact Kamilla (who at the time of writing, March 2022) has started compiling an overview of costs and capacities for various venues (for example Litteraturhuset, Kulturhuset, KODE) or Judith who can check prices of meeting rooms at hotels. If you have a specific venue in mind that is not yet in the overview, check their website or contact them directly for a price estimate.


There are no set sums from the UiB for budgeting travel costs, so we recommend that you search for the costs of tickets via an airline/railway website, and plot in the time period you plan to travel/organize your event. UiB uses Berg-Hansen to book plane tickets (and train tickets for some destinations). Remember to ask Judith to do the actual booking of the tickets for all non-UIB participants when you get that far - read about this here. You have book your own tickets yourselves via Berg-Hansen and get a refund.

For trains and buses in Norway and some international destinations, you can also check the prices at Vy. Omio seems to be a useful tool for international train travel.

A piece of advice: Try to pick a sum somewhere in between the cheapest and the most expensive tickets.

If you are extremely busy, you may ask Kamilla to help you do the search, but please let her know well ahead of the deadline if you require her assistance.


As with travel costs, there are no set sums for budgeting for accommodation from the UiB, but at the time of writing (March 2022), all of us in the administration agree that 1500 NOK per person per night is a reasonable estimate. However, during certain times of the year, hotel rooms may be more expensive than usual, so it’s a good idea to check some hotel rates for the time period you’re planning on travelling/hosting your event or check with Judith what the going rate seems to be.

General advice

In case you find it hard to budget each category separately (or are pressed for time), Filiz has the following piece of advice for you:

Start with the sum total (either the maximum sum you can apply for or the cost of a similar event in the past), describe the activities per budget item, and divide the sum total as evenly as you can between the budget items.

An example:

A simple budget set-up