Centre for Women’s and Gender Research

Media contact

The staff at SKOK values the importance of contributing to the public debate by means of dissemination to, and dialogue with, the outside world, both concerning its own research and the distinctive areas of competency within the field of gender research.

Our researchers have expertise in a variety of topics within the fields of women and gender research, sexuality and diversity. An overview of this can be found by accessing the Contact - Employee Directory (http://www.uib.no/skok/personer ). Here you will find words designating the areas of competency of every SKOK researcher and descriptions of their research and publications. We would appreciate it if your inquiry goes directly to the researcher who has the expertise in the field you are interested in as shown under. If you cannot find someone with the expertise you seek at SKOK, you can visit the national information center for gender research, KILDEN, at http://kjonnsforskning.no/nb

Equality and Discrimination (Hanne Marie Johansen, Randi Gressgård)

Feminism/Feminist Theory (Kari Jegerstedt, Randi Gressgård, Dinara Podgornova,Marita Ådnanes Helleland)

Sexuality/Queer Theory (Randi Gressgård, Kari Jegerstedt, Nadzeya Husakouskaya)

Diversity/Multiculturalism (Randi Gressgård, Christine M. Jacobsen, Noor Jdid)

Migration (Randi Gressgård, Christine M. Jacobsen, Marry-Anne Karlsen, Nadzeya Husakouskaya)

Policy/Political Theory ( Randi Gressgård)

Health and Welfare (Marry-Anne Karlsen, Christine M. Jacobsen)

Psychoanalysis (Kari Jegerstedt)

Democracy and Rule of Law (Kurt Rune Bergset, Randi Gressgård)

Sex-work/Prostitution (Christine M. Jacobsen, Nadzeya Husakouskaya)