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"Anthropology is art" says social anthropologist Andrew Lattas.

"Anthropology is art" says social anthropologist Andrew Lattas. "It is like being a novelist, putting yourself in another character's position and see the world".

The film is a glimpse of Lattas' long standing work in Papua New Guinea. He immaculately describes the kindness and imagination of people who are really poor, and their understanding of poverty in terms of their own experiences of race, class and colonialism. Sensitivity and empathy is important, as well as comedy and humor. “If you don’t have humor it’s really hard".

Portrett Elina Troscenko
Feb 26

Trial Lecture and Public Defence: Elina Troscenko

On February 26 2021 Elina Troscenko will defend her doctoral thesis for the PhD Degree at the University of Bergen. The trial lecture will be held on February 25.

spring semester 2021
Feltarbeid sosant

Study Social Anthropology!

The Department of Social Anthropology offers two exciting courses taught in English spring semester 2021. No previous requirements are needed and we welcome both international and Norwegian students to participate.


Insiders and outsiders of Accra’s gated communities

For years Edwige Yekple used to walk past the area where she is now doing research. One day, however, the gated community in the middle of the village caught her attention. Asking herself “why is there a gated community inside the village?” Edwige started developing her research project. Gradually,...

Portrait of Bruce Kapferer

An energetic and indefatigable octogenerian

An indefatigable fieldworker and a firm critic of facile and commonsensical understandings of global phenomena, our own Prof. Bruce Kapferer turns 80 on 4 June 2020!

Prof. Broch-Due utnevnt som meldem av DG

Vigdis Broch-Due appointed new member of the DNRF board

Professor Vigdis Broch-Due has been appointed to the board of the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The term started on January 1. 2020, after nomination by the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters.