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"Anthropology is art" says social anthropologist Andrew Lattas.

"Anthropology is art" says social anthropologist Andrew Lattas. "It is like being a novelist, putting yourself in another character's position and see the world".

The film is a glimpse of Lattas' long standing work in Papua New Guinea. He immaculately describes the kindness and imagination of people who are really poor, and their understanding of poverty in terms of their own experiences of race, class and colonialism. Sensitivity and empathy is important, as well as comedy and humor. “If you don’t have humor it’s really hard".

spring semester 2020
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Study Social Anthropology!

The Department of Social Anthropology offers four exciting courses taught in English spring semester 2020. No previous requirements are needed and we welcome both international and Norwegian students to participate.

The famous Shanghai skyline seen from behind.

Urban Enclaving: Grant enables comparative research project in China

The research project “Urban Enclaving Futures” has received a new grant to establish a comparative research component in China.

Panel debate
Energethics debatt

How do Norwegian energy companies handle responsibility abroad?

Social anthropologists highlight how Norwegian energy companies handle their responsibility abroad.

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Research Groups and Ongoing Projects

Anthropologists at the The Department of Social Anthropology works all over the world, within a large variety of thematical focuses and regions. Here you can find information about research at the department.