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"Anthropology is art" says social anthropologist Andrew Lattas.

"Anthropology is art" says social anthropologist Andrew Lattas. "It is like being a novelist, putting yourself in another character's position and see the world".

The film is a glimpse of Lattas' long standing work in Papua New Guinea. He immaculately describes the kindness and imagination of people who are really poor, and their understanding of poverty in terms of their own experiences of race, class and colonialism. Sensitivity and empathy is important, as well as comedy and humor. “If you don’t have humor it’s really hard".

Antho film Gyuri
Nov 20

Screening of "Gyuri"

Welcome to screening of "Gyuri"! The film narrates the life-work of Claudia, a Jewish photographer who lost her own people during World War II, and dedicated her life to try to save another. She builds an image collection of this ethnicity while, at the same time, fighting for the land...

the fredrik barth memorial lecture
Dr. Scott and Prof. Smedal in front of Fredrik Barth roll-up

Celebrating Barth's work on cosmologies

Students, anthropologists and other invited guests had found their way to attend the Fredrik Barth Memorial Lecture 2018, held by Dr. Michael W. Scott.

phd defence
PhD defence Hasan and Committee

Disputation at the Department of Social Anthropology

On October 19 2018 Mohammad Tareq Hasan defended his thesis.

Tbilisi Old Town

New Cooperation with a Georgian University

New cooperation project with Tbilisi State University will offer anthropology students mobility grants, new anthropology course and summer school on anthropological research methods.

Feltfoto som viser bredden i forskningen ved Institutt for sosialantropologi ved Universitetet i Bergen (UiB).

Several elite research groups in social sciences evaluation

On 19 June 2018, the Research Council of Norway's evaluation of the social sciences in Norway – SAMEVAL – was presented. One department and three research groups at the University of Bergen are awarded top grades in the evaluation.