Eurasian Borderlands Research Group

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The Eurasia research group gathers anthropologists engaged in research in the Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. The group is international and includes scholars from countries such as Georgia, Russia, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Central issues for the Eurasia research group are the transformations of social, economic, political, religious and ethnic relationships in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet empire. In the formation of new nation states new lines of inclusion and exclusion are being drawn through the development of new border regimes, legal systems, national, geographical and spiritual imaginaries, and through the reformation of state systems. While working in different parts of the former Soviet Union the group work to understand these processes by the means of comparative ethnography.

The main research project of the  group, financed by the Norwegian Research Council, is "Eurasian Borderlands". The  project is headed by Dr. Tone Bringa.