Contested Knowledges in and through Asylum Litigation (ASYKNOW)

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Asylum adjudication is complex and contested. The high level of contestation and politicization in the field of asylum has increased the demand for a wide range of expert knowledge to support legal decision-making, but simultaneously thrown such knowledge into a terrain of conflict.  


ASYKNOW explores how expert knowledge is mobilized, contested, and constituted in and through asylum appeal processes in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. By combining in-depth legal ethnography with legal archeology, the project will provide insights into the ways in which knowledge claims gain authority, how legal strategies evolve over time, and how various knowledge types shape state power over individuals and spaces. 

ERC Starting Grant
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What role does expert knowledge play in asylum litigation?

Migration researcher Marry-Anne Karlsen at the Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) at UiB has been granted prestigious funding by the EU to do research on expert knowledge in asylum litigation.

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