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ENERGETHICS - Norwegian energy companies abroad.  Expanding the anthropological understanding of corporate social responsibility

Norwegian energy companies are increasingly ‘going global’ as they invest in projects abroad - many of which often involve contested environmental and social issues. Such investments require that energy companies relate to standards for corporate social responsibility (CSR).

This project explores whether it makes a difference if the corporate ethics of a company is framed in relation to a corporatist state and based on a ‘Nordic model of CSR’. Three Norwegian energy companies are included in this study – Statkraft, Equinor (previously Statoil) and Det Norske Oljeselskap.

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Energethics Article Addresses Methodology

Energethics published their first article “Rethinking Access. Key Methodological Challenges in Studying Energy Companies” in the journal "Energy Research and Social Science". The article is available online.

Energethics in Norwegian Media

Energethics-Researchers Share Perspectives on DNO in Morgenbladet

In their news cover of the norwegian oil company, DNO's business abroad, Morgenbladet interviewed researchers from the Energethics-project to highlight problematic company ethics in a company which has specialised its operations in risk areas of the Middle East.

Energy anthropology network

Moving with Energy from Periphery to Center of Society

- Moving the attention of the anthropological gaze to energy also means moving ethnography from the margins to the center of society, Ståle Knudsen writes in a short paper published on the Energy Anthropology network website.

Statkraft head office seen from Lysaker train station.

Branding 'Pure Energy' as CSR

Ingrid Müftüoglu has been to Statkraft's headquarters in Oslo where she examined how CSR is articulated and performed.