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Social anthropologists highlight how Norwegian energy companies handle their responsibility abroad.
In September, Energethics researchers participated in the ASA 2019 conference in Norwich where they shared their perspectives on global challenges.
In August, Energethics researchers participated in the EASA 2018 conference: Staying - Moving - Settling in Stockholm. We presented papers in the panels ‘Energy in Motion’ and ‘Globalized Workers and Trade Unionism’.
Energethics published their first article “Rethinking Access. Key Methodological Challenges in Studying Energy Companies” in the journal "Energy Research and Social Science". The article is available online.
In their news cover of the norwegian oil company, DNO's business abroad, Morgenbladet interviewed researchers from the Energethics-project to highlight problematic company ethics in a company which has specialised its operations in risk areas of the Middle East.
Ingrid Müftüoglu has been to Statkraft's headquarters in Oslo where she examined how CSR is articulated and performed.
Energethics researcher Ingrid Müftüoglu attended the Nordic Challenges Conference in Helsinki 7-9th of March 2018, where she presented the project and a paper on reporting practices in Norwegian energy companies.
In December, the Energethics Project invited stakeholders across sectors to a seminar on CSR in Norway to discuss what social, political, financial and environmental issues influnce how CSR is done by Norwegian Corporations.
In October, Energethics researchers attended the symposium 'Why the World Needs Anthropologists: Powering the Planet' in Durham. We had a stand where we presented the project, and we organised the workshop "Accounting for Energy".
- Moving the attention of the anthropological gaze to energy also means moving ethnography from the margins to the center of society, Ståle Knudsen writes in a short paper published on the Energy Anthropology network website.
Latest field report from the Energethics-project - Ragnhild Freng Dale’s case study in Hammerfest explores how corporate social responsibility is understood, interpreted and operationalised in a Norwegian context.
Read the latest field report from the Energethics-project. Synnøve Bendixsen has been to Iraqi Kurdistan exploring how DNO operates and the local communities’ expectations of oil investments.
Bringing together scientists and practitioners with common interest on energy, and to support new approaches to energy questions is at the core of the new Energy Anthropology Network that was launched at University of Bergen in March.
Several researchers from the Energethics project will present papers during the Energy Impacts Conference taking place at the University of Bergen, February 28 - March 2. All interested are welcome.
New study in Tanzania shows that previous experiences in the extractive industries are a central factor for public sentiments and debates on resource nationalism and local content in the petroleum sector.
This fall, the project organized two stakeholder workshops in Bergen to further develop the collaborations with Statkraft, Statoil and other relevant stakeholders.
This December, the Energethics group met in Bergen to present the ongoing case studies and to discuss the way forward for the project.
Read the latest field report from the Energethics-project's case study in Turkey.