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The page will continously be updated with field reports from the various case studies.

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13.04.2018 Branding 'Pure Energy' as CSR

Ingrid Müftüoglu has been to Statkraft's headquarters in Oslo where she examined how CSR is articulated and performed. READ MORE.

08.06.2017 CSR in Norway - Values at stake

Ragnhild Freng Dale’s case study in Hammerfest explores how corporate social responsibility is understood, interpreted and operationalised in a Norwegian context. READ MORE.

29.03.2017 CSR in Iraqi Kurdistan – Economic Crisis and Feelings of Exploitation

Synnøve Bendixsen has been to Iraqi Kurdistan exploring how DNO operates and the local communities’ expectations of oil investments. READ MORE.

01.07.2016 CSR in Turkey - Electricity or Rice?

Ingrid Müftüoglu and Ståle Knudsen went to Turkey in late May-June. First they visited Innovation Norway in Istanbul and the Norwegian ambassador in Ankara where they engaged in long conversations before travelling to the district Osmancik located between Ankara and the Black Sea city of Samsun. READ MORE.