Below is a list of conferences and other larger events Energethics researchers have been involved with.

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September: ASA

ASA 2019: Anthropological perspectives on global challenges - Energethics organized the panel "Neoliberalization and the ambivalent role(s) of the state in transnational energy companies" where three of the project's researchers, among others, presented papers. The conference was held at the University of East Anglia, England.

January: The Eindhoven Energy Ethics Workshop

The Eindhoven Energy Ethics Workshop 'Fair Energy Transition' - Ståle Knudsen participated in the workshop held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where he presented a paper on energy ethics and corporations together with Andrew Wright.


September: ASAUK

African Studies Associaton UK - Siri Lange presented a paper on Equinor's support to union work among its employees in Tanzania. The conference was arranged by ASAUK at the University of Birmingham, England.

August: EASA

EASA 2018: Staying - Moving - Settling - Three Energethics researchers presented their papers in the panels Energy in Motion and Globalized Workers and Trade Unionism. The conference was held in Stockholm.

March: Nordic Challenges

Nordic Challenges: Narratives of Uniformity and Diversity - Ingrid Müftüoglu presented a paper on reporting practices in Norwegian energy companies during the conference that was held in Helsinki. READ MORE.


October: Why the World Needs Anthropologists

Why the World Needs Anthropologists: Powering the Planet - Five Energethics researchers prestented the project at a hotspot/stand and through organising a workshop, called "Accounting for Energy", during the symposium in Durham University, England. READ MORE.

September: Bergen Anthropology Day

Bergen Anthropology Day 2017 - Three Energethics-researchers presented the project and two case studies during the event in Bergen.

February-March: Energy Impacts

ENERGY IMPACTS: Energy Impacts: People, Responsibilities and the Contested Futures of Energy Developments - Ragnhild Freng Dale and Tarje Wanvik presented papers during this conference taking place in Bergen.