Energethics-Researchers Share Perspectives on DNO in Morgenbladet

In their news cover of the norwegian oil company, DNO's business abroad, Morgenbladet interviewed researchers from the Energethics-project to highlight problematic company ethics in a company which has specialised its operations in risk areas of the Middle East.

The Norwegian, Kurdish and Iraqi flags are all represented at DNO's Tawke oil site.
Synnøve Bendixen

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On April 20 2018, the paper Morgenbladet published two news articles about the norwegian oil company DNO's problematic practice in Iraqui Kurdistan and Yemen. Among others, they talked with social anthropologist Synnøve Bendixen, who was in Iraqui Kurdistan last year where she investigated how DNO pratice corporate social responsibility as a part of the research project Energethics. In Morgenbladet she says that:

"The inhabitants feel like they have not gotten what they were promised: Work, improved roads and school. The only thing they got was poor areas to raise their children. It smelled like oil and gas in the air, in Norway we would never allow it."

Professor in social anthropology at the University of Bergen, and leader for the research project Energethics, also share his opinion on DNO's practice:

"Statoil and Statkraft have departments where people genuinely are engaged in acting responsibly. DNO seems more like a cowboy-company".

Read more about the news articles "Det norske cowboyselskapet" and "I Norge ville vi aldri tillatt det". Both articles from Morgenbladet will be available in ATEKST two weeks after publishing date.