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Synnøve Kristine Nepstad Bendixsen

Associate Professor
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Academic article
  • 2020. Is it mandatory to celebrate birthdays?’ Birthday parties as a test of belonging in Norway. Ethnologia Scandinavica. A Journal for Nordic Ethnology. 83-104.
  • 2020. Great expectations: Migrant parents and parent-school cooperation in Norway . Comparative Education. 16 pages.
  • 2020. Existential Displacement: Health Care and Embodied Un/Belonging of Irregular Migrants in Norway. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry.
  • 2019. The Care/Security Nexus of the Humanitarian Border: Assisted Return in Norway. International migration.
  • 2019. Dealing with diversity, hoping for inclusion. Parents’ involvement in urban schools in Norway. Ethnicities.
  • 2018. Transnational practices of irregular migrants and nation-state management in Norway . Nordic Journal of Migration Research. 229-236.
  • 2018. The politicised biology of irregular migrants : micropractices of control, tactics of everyday life and access to healthcare . Nordic Journal of Migration Research. 167-174.
  • 2018. Other people’s children: inclusive parenting in a diverse neighborhood in Norway. Ethnic and Racial Studies. 1-19.
  • 2018. Irregular migrants enacting the border: deportability, humanitarian exceptionalism and healthcare in Norway. Social Anthropology.
  • 2018. Differentiation of rights in the Norwegian welfare state: Hierarchies of belonging and humanitarian exceptionalism. Social Inclusion. 162-171.
  • 2017. The production of irregular migrants: The case of Norway [Ustvarjanje nedokumentiranih migrantov: Primer Norveske]. Dve Domovini. 29-44.
  • 2017. The Production of Irregular Migrants: The Case of Norway. Dve Domovini. 29-43 .
  • 2016. The refugee crisis: destabilizing and restabilizing European borders. History and Anthropology. 536-554.
  • 2014. En denaturalisering av “norsk” antropologis teoriutvikling. Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift. 263-268.
  • 2009. Young females negotiating, resisting, and (re constructing ‘Othering’. Kritika i Humanizm. 103-123.
  • 2005. Being Young, Muslim and Female. Creating Space of Belonging in Berlin. Berliner Blätter. 88-98.
  • 2003. Best Practices in Immigration Service Planning. Journal of policy analysis and management. 677-682.
  • 2016. Programmes for assisted return to Afghanistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Ethiopia and Kosovo: A comparative evaluation of effectiveness and outcomes, Report, 2016: 2. .
  • 2014. OUT-reach: Informasjon om frivillig retur til irregulære migranter utenfor mottak. .
  • 2012. Å bli eller dra? Motiver og beslutningsprosess når avviste asylsøkere velger frivillig retur. .
  • 2011. Between two societies: Review of the Information, Return and Reintegration of Iraqi Nationals to Iraq (IRRINI) programme. .
  • 2019. A Roundtable conversation. SuperCamp: Humanitarian Containment in the Middle East.
  • 2018. Foreldreskap i det mangfoldige Norge. Fagdag for Bergen kommune.
  • 2017. Å leve som «ulovlig» i Norge: interne grenser og eksepsjonell velferd.
  • 2016. “I hope that my children will not be a burden on society”. How migrants experience parenting in Norway.
  • 2016. The Refugee Crisis. The Reconfiguration of the Border in a Globalised World.
  • 2016. Samanliknande evaluering av assisterte returprogram til Afghanistan, Irakisk Kurdistan, Etiopia og Kosovo.
  • 2015. Foreldreskap og risikotenkning i det mangfoldige Norge.
Popular scientific lecture
  • 2020. Brannen i Moria: Grenser, migrasjon og politikk.
  • 2019. SuperCamp: Humanitarian Containment in the Middle East.
  • 2019. Cultural sensitivity. Anthropological approaches in the Public services. .
  • 2018. Chair, Breakfast forum. “The Nobel Peace Prize 2018: Who are the Ezidis?” .
  • 2017. Innenfor/utenfor: Å leve som papirløs i velferdsstaten Norge.
  • 2017. Inkludering av barn i by [Inclusion of children in the urban space].
  • 2017. Anthropology and engagement.
  • 2016. Why do we make stereotypes? Presentation followed by discussion with Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, and Øystein Mortensen.
  • 2015. OUT-reach: Informasjon om frivillig retur til irregulære migranter utenfor mottak.
  • 2015. Living conditions of Irregular Migrants in Norway.
  • 2015. Hvordan kan byen forberede seg på betydelig vekst i innvandring?
  • 2014. Mediating irregular migration. Plenary panel discussion together with Mehmet Aktas, Shahram Khosravi.
  • 2013. Irregulære immigranter og velferdsstaten: inklusjon og eksklusjon.
  • 2013. Introduction to Research on International Migration and Ethnic Diversity.
  • 2012. Irregulære immigranter og helsetjenester: tilgang, tillit og muligheter.
  • 2012. Irregulære immigranter og helsetjenester.
  • 2011. Irregulær migrasjon og den norske velferdsstaten.
Academic lecture
  • 2019. Transnational Practices as Resistance? .
  • 2019. Thinking about Diversity and Migration in an Egalitarian society: Constituting Hierarchical Forms of Belonging in the Name of Egalitarianism.
  • 2019. The Making of Hospitable Spaces? Humanitarian Practices and Imaginations of Hospitality of Volunteers at Lesvos.
  • 2019. Researching volunteers beyond humanitarianism: Doubt, complexities of hope and Melancholia.
  • 2019. Public Engagement: Ethnographic Docu-fiction as a Tool.
  • 2019. Humanitarian Containment: The Role of NGOs and Volunteers along the Balkan Route.
  • 2018. Trust as a dimension of irregular migration.
  • 2018. The Politics of Inclusion. Parents Domesticating Difference and Mutual Belonging in Norway.
  • 2018. Limiting risks? Great expectations from the school and parents with migration background.
  • 2018. Limiting risks? Great expectations from schools and parents with migrant background.
  • 2018. Great Expecttations. Cooperation between schools and migrant parents in Norway.
  • 2018. 2018 Session: Uncertain Solidarities: Migration, Social Incorporation, and European Welfare.
  • 2017. Other people’s children: Parenting in a plural neighborhood in Norway.
  • 2017. Muslim youth and civil society in Germany.
  • 2017. Irregular migrants and political mobilization.
  • 2017. Great expectations: Being a migrant parent in Norway.
  • 2017. Do Muslims localize in Germany?
  • 2017. Constructions of the non-belonging ‘illegal’ body: irregular migrants, deportability and health care in Norway.
  • 2016. Welcoming refugees in an egalitarian society.
  • 2016. The Nation-State, the Border and Return: Transnational Perspectives on Irregular Migrants in Norway .
  • 2016. Other people´s children: Dealing with diversity in multi-ethnic and class differeniated schools in Norway.
  • 2016. Other People´s Children: Parening in Plural Norway.
  • 2016. Om tro og tvil. Roundtable discussant participant.
  • 2016. Helsehjelp og irregulære migranter (Health Care and Irregular migrants).
  • 2016. Flyktninger, Panel discussion on refugees with Knut S. Vikør, Maja Janmyr and Esperanza Diaz.
  • 2016. Fluktens fenomenologi, podium presentation at public event På flukt: I en overopphetet verden [Refugees in an overheated world].
  • 2016. Dealing with Diversity, creating Parenting Cultures?
  • 2016. Creating a Local Community Through Parenting?
  • 2016. Being a young Muslim in Berlin.
  • 2016. Assisted Return as Humanitarian Government: Moral Sentiments, Hegemony and the Management of Irregular Migration in Norway.
  • 2016. Activism, Solidarity and humanitarianism: The Construction of a Vulnerable and Helpless Subject?
  • 2015. Transnational perspectives on the living conditions of irregular migrants: possibilities and limitations.
  • 2015. Returning to where the migrant really ‘belong’? Programs for assisted returns in Norway.
  • 2015. Return – to where you really “belong”? Irregular migrants and assisted return – implications for migrants’ wellbeing.
  • 2015. Return to where you really belong? Irregular migrants, assisted Return and the implications for the migrants’ wellbeing.
  • 2015. Representing irregular migrants: white majority Norwegians’ acts of compassion.
  • 2015. Parenting Cultures in a plural neighbourhood in Bergen.
  • 2015. Parenting Cultures in a Plural Neighbourhood.
  • 2015. Parent-school interaction and the role of class and migration.
  • 2015. Parent - School interaction and risk management in Plural Norway.
  • 2015. Manifestations of control: Irregular migrants and the social construction of boundaries and borders.
  • 2015. Disagreements, illuminations, and mystery. A brief ethnography of anthropology in Norway today.
  • 2015. Disagreement, illuminations and mystery: a brief ethnography of Norwegian anthropology today.
  • 2015. "Introduction: Ontologizing Difference -- De- and Re-Naturalizing Boundaries". Paper held at the workshop "Ontologizing difference: De- and re-naturalizing boundaries”, 19.-20. January 2015, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen, Chaired by Synnøve Bendixsen and Bjørn Enge Bertelsen.
  • 2014. “They take your photograph. You come into existence”: Irregular Migrants and Struggles over Representations.
  • 2014. They take your photograph. You come into existence”: Irregular Migrants and Struggles over Representations.
  • 2014. The becoming visible of irregular migrants.
  • 2014. Roundtable discussant participant at NAT debate (Norsk Antropologisk Årskonferanse): Dagens teoriutvikling truer norsk antropologis særpreg.
  • 2014. Provision of Welfare to Irregular Migrants: Exploring the borders of the Norwegian Welfare State.
  • 2014. Precarious inclusion: Provision of welfare to irregular migrants in Norway.
  • 2014. OUT-reach. Kommunikasjon av “frivillig retur” til irregulære migranter i Norge.
  • 2014. Manifestations of Control on the Irregularized Migrant Body in the session Naturalizing Difference in the time of Economic Liberalization and New Technologies of Control.
  • 2014. Manifestations of Control on the Irregularized Migrant Body.
  • 2014. Irregular migration and the question of citizenship.
  • 2014. Erfarte grenser: marginaliserte kropper og motstand.
  • 2014. Embodying borders: Irregular Migrants and the boundaries of the welfare state.
  • 2014. Between a rock and a hard place: Irregular migrants and assisted return in Norway.
  • 2013. Voice and voicelessness of irregular migrants in Norway.
  • 2013. Regularization through political mobilisation? Irregular migrants claiming rights in Norway,.
  • 2013. Regularization through political mobilisation? Irregular migrants claiming rights in Norway.
  • 2013. Politics of belonging of irregular migrants in Norway.
  • 2013. Irregular migration in Europe: Aspects and Research Findings.
  • 2013. Irregular migrant’s experiences with access to health care.
  • 2013. Irregular migrants Claiming Rights and Place: Narration, Voice and Political Representation.
  • 2013. Dealing with sick bodies: gendered differences of irregular migrant’s strategies towards exclusion in the Norwegian welfare state.
  • 2013. Dealing with sick bodies.
  • 2013. Dealing with Irregular Migration in Europe: Research Concepts and Political Responses.
  • 2013. Constructing the undeserving subject: irregular migrant’s bodies in the Norwegian Welfare State.
  • 2012. The struggle of becoming citizens.
  • 2012. Mourning and belonging: The becoming political of irregularized migrants in Norway.
  • 2012. Mourning and belonging: The becoming political of irregularized migrants in Norway.
  • 2012. Irregular Migration – global developments and policies.
  • 2012. Gender and Religion.
  • 2012. Creating Modes of Political Belonging: Acts of Contestation by Irregular Migrants in Norway.
  • 2012. Becoming worthy citizens: the destabilization and re-inscription of citizenship boundaries.
  • 2011. The Norwegian Welfare State and Irregular Migrants.
  • 2011. Politics of the Self: Religious Knowledge Formation among Young Muslim Women in Berlin.
  • 2011. National Paradigms and Transnational Perspectives in Migration Research.
  • 2011. Irregular migrants and the Welfare State: the Missing Link?
  • 2011. From homo sacer to political agents? Ethiopian irregular migrant’s interventions in and outside Oslo Cathedral.
  • 2011. Crafting a religious self in Europe: body formation and body politic of young female Muslims in Berlin.
  • 2011. Becoming political agents: irregular migrants in Oslo.
  • 2011. 'We refuse to be silenced': Irregular Migrants' Struggle for Recognition.
  • 2020. Notes on the Corona Crisis. Nordic Journal of Migration Research. 1-4.
Reader opinion piece
  • 2015. Penger følger deg ikke i døden. Bergens Tidende. 44-44.
Short communication
  • 2014. En denaturaliseing av “norsk” antropologis teoriutvikling. Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift. 263-268.
Book review
  • 2016. Iraqi women in Denmark. Ritual performance and belonging in everyday life. by Marianne Pedersen (book review). Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. 233-234.
  • 2016. Anthropology of Citizenship by Sian Lazar. Social Analysis: The International Journal of Anthropology.
  • 2015. Globografi. En kort innføring i flerlokalitetsforskning by Hans Erik Næss (book review). Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift. 198-200.
  • 2013. Book review of Asylsøker: I velferdsstatens venterom. Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning. 122-124.
  • 2012. Book review of Islam og muslimer i Danmark. Religion, identitet og sikkerhed efter 11. september 2001, Pedersen og Rytter (eds). Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift. 202-204.
Academic anthology/Conference proceedings
  • 2019. Contested Hospitalities in a Time of Migration: Religious and Secular Counterspaces in the Nordic Region. Routledge.
  • 2019. Contested Hospitalities in a Time of Migration. Religion and Secular Counterspaces in the Nordic Region. Routledge.
  • 2017. Egalitarianism in Scandinavia. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2016. Engaged Anthropology: Views from Scandinavia. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2016. Critical Anthropological Engagements in Human Alterity and Difference. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2015. Eksepsjonell velferd? Irregulære migranter i det norske velferdssamfunnet. Gyldendal Juridisk.
Academic monograph
  • 2013. The Religious Identity of Young Muslim Women in Berlin.
Masters thesis
  • 2020. Musikk og sosialt liv: En studie av musikalsk praksis i Berlin.
  • 2016. Becoming a Good Citizen: Jewish identity in contemporary Israel .
  • 2014. "My Father was a refugee, I am a refugee, and my son will continue to be a refugee!". Reconstruction of identity, home and belonging among the Palestinian Diaspora in Chile.
Feature article
  • 2017. Valgkampen er for snever. Bergens Tidende.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • 2020. Hierarchical forms of belonging in an egalitarian society. 20 pages.
  • 2019. Contextualized hospitalities: Migrants and the Nordic beyond the religious/secular binary. 15 pages.
  • 2019. Conclusion. 5 pages.
  • 2018. Timeless time among irregular migrants: The slowness of waiting in an accelerated world.
  • 2017. Voice Matters: Calling for Victimhood, Shared Humanity and Citizenry of Irregular Migrants in Norway. 23 pages.
  • 2017. Return to wellbeing? Irregular migrants and assisted return in Norway. 18 pages.
  • 2017. Muslim Youth Practicing Veiling in Berlin: 'Universal Islam’, Modernity, Aesthetics and Morality. 10 pages.
  • 2017. Multiculturalism, veiling fashion and mosques. A religious topography of Islam in Berlin. 18 pages.
  • 2017. Introduction: Egalitarianism in a Scandinavian Context. 44 pages.
  • 2017. Being a Young Muslim in Germany. 23 pages.
  • 2016. Recalibrating Alterity, Difference, Ontology: Anthropological Engagements with Human and Non-Human Worlds. 40 pages.
  • 2016. Introduction. 22 pages.
  • 2016. Can the irregular migrant woman speak? 23 pages.
  • 2015. Vilkårlige rettigheter? Irregulære migranters tillit, sosiale kapital og kreative taktikker. 19 pages.
  • 2014. Being and becoming a German Muslim Youth: Muslimische Jugend in Deutschland. 5 pages.
  • 2013. Processes of Localised and Globalised Islam among Young Muslims in Berlin. 19 pages.
  • 2013. Connecting the Local, National and Transnational Powers of a Religious Youth Organisation in Berlin. 13 pages.
  • 2013. Becoming Members in the Community of Value: Ethiopian Irregular Migrants Enacting Citizenship in Norway. 20 pages.
  • 2013. 'I Love My Prophet': Religious Taste, Consumption and Distinction in Berlin. 19 pages.
  • 2012. Islam as a New Urban Identity? Young Female Muslims Creating a Religious Youth Culture in Berlin. 20 pages.
  • 2011. Islam as a New Urban Identity? Constructing a Religious Youth Culture in Berlin. 23 pages.
Academic literature review
  • 2015. «Give me the damn papers!» Å vente på oppholdspapirer. 285-303.

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