Energethics researchers at EASA 2018

In August, Energethics researchers participated in the EASA 2018 conference: Staying - Moving - Settling in Stockholm. We presented papers in the panels ‘Energy in Motion’ and ‘Globalized Workers and Trade Unionism’.

At the opening ceremony in the Aula Magna auditorium where Professor Shahram Khosravi gave the keynote lecture titled "Walling, Unsettling, Stealing".
Isabelle Hugøy, UiB

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About 1500 participants from all over Europe came to Stockholm for the biannial EASA 2018 conference, with the theme 'Staying - Moving - Settling' in focus. During four days, 165 panels would all relate to the overall theme of the conference. Among these panels were ‘Energy in Motion’ and ‘Globalized Workers and Trade Unionsim’ where researchers from the Energethics group presented papers.

In the panel organized by Energy Anthropology Network, 'Energy in Motion', Ståle Knudsen presented a paper on the corporate ethics of Norwegian energy companies aborad, with a special focus on Statkraft's work with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Turkey. Other contributours addressed issues such as futures of energy-related practices, challenges and governance. Knudsen also later participated in the network meeting for Energy Anthropology Network.

Both Ingrid B. Müftüoglu and Siri Lange presented their papers in the panel 'Globalized Workers and Trade Unionism’. Müftüoglu discussed the ethical implications of the shift from a focus on labour rights to human rights in non-financial reporting processes in Norwegian energy companies. Based on the Tanzania-case, Lange presented a paper on 'travelling rationalities', discussing what happens in attempts of exporting the Norwegian tripartite collaborative model to the Tanzanian context.

During the conference, we gained useful input that inspired us to further work with publications related to the Energethics project.

The next EASA conference will be held in 2020.